Black Moonstone Flame ~ Item E


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A lovely polished ‘flame’ shape of solid, natural Black Moonstone. I find this crystal fascinating, the energy is really powerful, but in a dreamy, feminine way. It’s lovely! These are hand held sized chunks that are very tactile and have a really strong energy. They shimmer and shine when moved under the light, a bit like Rainbow Moonstone has the blue flash ~ Black Moonstone has a gold/peachy flash. The energy is sublime!

Black Moonstone is very protective. It supports us during times of healing and growth. Black Moonstone is said to stimulate the Pineal Gland, opening up our awareness and teaching us how to heighten and use our intuition. Black Moonstone symbolises loyalty ~ both to our own integrity and to others. It is great for balancing hormones and moods and seems to work on deeper levels than Rainbow Moonstone. I would use this crystal if I were working with aspects of myself that I find difficult to accept. It is a great stone for silencing that inner, negative, self critic we all have.

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You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 7.3cm (73mm) long X 4.8cm (48mm) wide.