Black Apophyllite Cluster ~ Item E


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This is a beautiful piece of Black Apophyllite that emanates a gorgeous energy! Each of these clusters is unique, but what they do share is an incredibly high quality of both mineral and energy. It is so uplifting, sparkly and extremely connecting ~ they open my entire auric field up to receive, which is why I was drawn to these particular clusters. The only difference between the white and black Apophyllite is that the black is far more grounding and moves us into integrating energies, rather than just drawing them in and through us. So Black pieces are fabulous to work with when shifting, transmuting or integrating our own negative energies into something far more positive, that serves us in our daily lives.

Please check sizing carefully as some of these clusters are medium sized and some are quite small & would work perfectly in a crystal grid, laid on the body or laid on the palm/s of the hands during meditation or healing therapies. It’s becoming harder to source such high grade pieces, so I’m delighted to have found these.  Please click here if you would like to read my informative blog on Apophyllite.

Apophyllite is one of THE best tools for healers or reiki practitioners as it removes the healer from the equation, enabling pure Universal energy to flow through and providing the patient with optimum healing. Excellent to place under a healing chair/bed or next to the patient whilst healing is being carried out. One can also reiki through this crystal, which amplifies and purifies the energies. Fantastic for eyes, respiratory illnesses, allergies and asthma – have personally used it for all of the above ailments and it works FAST!

Approx 3.4cm long (34mm) X 2cm wide (20mm). You will receive the crystal in the photograph.  Apologies for the slightly higher postage, but this piece is likely to be too chunky to post as a large letter, so will be sent parcel rate. If we can slip the parcel through at a lower postage rate, we will absolutely do so and immediately refund any overpayment on postage. Thank you 🙂




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