Bismuth ~ Item H


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This is a fabulous piece of Bismuth, which is a rare chemical element found in our Earth ~ it has the highest atomic mass that is stable. Each piece is a differing size (so please check sizing carefully at the bottom of this listing), colour, shape and energy ~ all being very vibrant and energising.

Bismuth is 4 along from gold on the periodic table, which shows how rare it is. This is a metal of transformation and resonates with many as metals amplify energy. In its raw form, it grounds and opens up the crown chakra at the same time, which can feel quite amazing! It also draws us to see the fun in humour in trying times of change. Bismuth is about getting back to the fun elements in life, to play, to release the positive qualities of the inner child, the innocence and wonder.

Approx 3.8cm (38mm) long X 3.5cm (35mm) wide. You will receive the crystal in the photograph.  Apologies for the slightly higher postage, but this item is likely to post at small parcel rate. If your package arrives and postage is under £3, please contact me for a postage refund, thank you 🙂


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