This is a rough, straight as it comes out of the ground, piece of Aquatine Calcite. Run these pieces under the tap briefly and dry them off, before viewing them in direct sunlight. The depth and colours are simply beautiful and the energy feels blissful.

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Aquatine Calcite is an all round crystal to work with as it covers the energy of our Tantien, Solar Plexus, Heart, Higher Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown and Etheric Chakras. I was shown it is a stone of balance of both masculine and feminine energies. It’s very clever how this works in physical reality too ~ some pieces have a paler blue and yellowy brown. Others have less brown, but a darker blue ~ so each piece has it’s own way of being in balance. If you are drawn to an all blue or highly brown piece, it will show which part of you, the masculine or the feminine, needs support.

Aquatine Calcite soothes the nervous system and is said to heal the entire energy system down to a cellular level. IF we do the deep, healing or self awareness work that is being asked of us at that time. For a crystal to affect us on a cellular level, we have to be willing to go to those minute depths within our hearts, minds, body, spirit, personal history or ancestry. This is why this crystal is so beautiful to work with ~ it supports us in doing that in the most gentlest of ways. It is also said to be good for enhancing our intuition, empathy, emotional awareness/balance, compassion, tolerance and amount of self judgement we turn on ourselves. It encourages us to bring these to ourselves, first & foremost, before sharing them with the World.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 5.5cm (55mm) long x 4.2cm (42mm) wide. Apologies for the slightly higher postage, but most of these pieces will post as a small parcel. If your package arrives and has cost under £3 to post, please contact me for an immediate postage refund. Thank you 🙂


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