This is a beautiful, rainbow shimmering pebble of the extremely rare Apple Aura Quartz. There is hardly any of this crystal on the market~ these pieces have a beautiful energy and are small enough to fit in a pocket, bra, pillowcase or in a wire cage to be worn as a pendant. Please check sizing carefully as each piece is unique and a different size.

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Apple Aura is a bright green colour and has been bonded with Nickel. Said to be good for the spleen and immune system. Said to be good for protecting our energy levels and protecting us from energy ‘vampires’. It assists in severing ties from previous relationships. It is said to aid multidimensional and cellular memory healing, and is an efficient receptor for programming and bringing the body into balance.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 2cm (20mm) long X 1.7cm (17mm) wide.


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