This is a gorgeous piece of polished Blue Apatite with a lovely, strong energy. It is quite gemmy in places and quirky ~ the energy of Apatite feels slightly unusual and makes me smile 🙂 The colour is divine!! These are the cutest little balls of high quality OOMPH! 😉

Apatite is said to suppress or control the appetite, so is THE crystal to support us if trying to lose weight. On a physical level, Apatite in the Blue/Green range such as this piece is said to be good for the eyes, optic nerves and the heart. It also heightens our intuition and hones any psychic abilities, giving us access to higher knowledge. It is a prosperous stone that is helpful for manifestation and abundance.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 3.2cm long (32mm) X 3.0cm wide (30mm).


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