This is a gorgeous piece of rough, Andean Blue Opal. It is so rare to find this mineral, let alone with such depth of colour and layering as these pieces. Each is absolutely unique and I can’t believe how vibrant they are. Where the softer, paler, polished pieces seem to have a gentle, subtle energy, these pieces move to swiftly wake us up, clear the mind and provide clear vision. They truly aid me in seeing through illusion (extremely helpful in 2020). A visionary’s stone through and through, or for anyone that wants to develop their connection to Spirit or 5D and higher dimensions. There’s no messing with this energy though ~ it will ask you to address anything from within that is getting in your way.

Blue Opal is said to work primarily on the Heart chakra upwards, including the etheric chakras above our head. It is good for the eyes, our nervous system, depression & anxiety that is more mental than emotional. Blue Opal eases nervous energy, stabilises emotions, clears and opens the mind, connecting us strongly to our higher selves. Blue Opal draws in light and higher energies after we’ve been soothed and relaxed. it’s very protective too. Particularly against those who are trying to change our minds on things that resonate with our Soul.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 4.6cm (46mm) long x 2.7cm (27mm) wide.


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