Ametrine Double Terminated Wand ~ Item E


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This is a gorgeous, NATURAL Ametrine wand. It has been carved into Generator points at either end and they pack a really positive, enlivening energy. Natural Ametrine comes along rarely ~ there are plenty of heat treated pieces out there, but they don’t carry the same, crisp, fresh energy of the natural blend of Citrine & Amethyst. It is an expensive crystal in it’s natural form given it’s rarity and very hard to obtain in bigger pieces. These pieces are hand held sized, can be used in a multiple of ways and they all clearly contain Amethyst & Citrine as I held each one up to the light personally and checked. The photo washes out some of the colour in these pieces. These are chunky, really useful, tactile pieces. A potent crystal that alongside Peridot, is one of the best in the mineral kingdom for dealing with fear.

This stone is a mix of energising citrine & calming amethyst, which may help maintain optimum health. It is useful in chronic illness as it brings insight into the subtle cause of disease. It brings peace and tranquillity, is good for inspiration, creativity & change. Helps with tension, removes physical mental & emotional spiritual blockages, overcomes prejudice, ignorance &  obstructiveness. Repairs damage to DNA. Good for Yin/Yang balance and the aura.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 6.0cm (60mm) long x 2.5cm (25mm) wide. Apologies for the slightly higher shipping, but this piece is too chunky to post as a large letter.


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