Amethyst Angel ~ Small


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A gorgeous Amethyst mini Angel (the flash washes some of the colour out of the pic). Perfect to slip inside a bra, pocket or pillowcase or as a lovely little gift for someone.

Amethyst is said to clean many systems such as endocrine, metabolism, immune. Eases headaches. Amethyst is also said to heighten intuition. Most are drawn to Amethyst at the start of their spiritual journey. If you have doubts, you will again be drawn to Amethyst as it keeps us moving forward. Absorbs electromagnetic energy (EMFs), so avoid placing it by the bed (some older books say it is good for sleep, but this is no longer the case). If in doubt, try it and see, some are OK with it, others aren’t. Cleanse regularly and do not leave in the sun for more than 30 minutes at a time or the colour will fade.

Approximately 2.5cm (25mm) high x 2cm (20mm) wide. You will receive one of the Angels in stock. I put the best quality ones online.


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