Amblygonite Rough ~ Item B


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A lovely, large, natural chunk of this rare, ethereal crystal. This is rough/natural, straight as it comes out of the ground and an absolute bargain price as it’s extremely high quality with the most fabulous energy! These are quite chunky pieces with potent, fizzy energy 🙂 I struggle to close my fingers around them.

Amblygonite allows us to break free from the past. Whether this is about untethering ourselves from others, unhooking ourselves energetically or cutting ties. Its a fantastic crystal to use when clearing emotional baggage and mental debris. It also allows us to release blockages that may have been hindering our ability to manifest or create. Allows our inner gifts & talents to slowly surface, so we come to accept them and grow more confident in using them. On a physical level it soothes nerves, is a mood enhancer/elevator and eases stomach & digestive disorders.

You will receive the actual crystal in the photograph. Approx 6.7cm (67mm) long X 4.0cm (40mm) wide.


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