A lovely, natural blade of the rare Aegirine. This is a very unusual crystal that most people never get the chance to work with, which is a shame, as it’s amazing! These blades are really high, shiny, gemstone quality with a strong, supportive energy. Each is unique and one piece that is available is actually a cluster, which can clearly be seen in the photographs.

On an energetic level, Aegirine boosts our body’s ability to heal itself. It can do this on a physical level, but is more likely to bring to mind the core reasons behind illness or disease, so we can go straight to the root of a problem, rather than simply dealing with symptoms. Aegirine has a strong earth connection and is very protective, shielding against toxic environments, negative energies and dishonest people. Its an excellent crystal for travellers or backpackers. Aegirine also aids self-confidence, particularly about self-image and our abilities/gifts.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 2.6cm (26mm) long X 1.3cm (13mm) wide.


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