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AA Grade Amazonite Freeform – Item A


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This is a stunning, hand cut and highly polished Amazonite Freeform. The colour and energy are simply out of this World. Really dark for Amazonite. All of these pieces are unique and I can barely get my fingers round them. Such a soothing gift for someone, particularly yourself.

Amazonite is a calm and soothing stone. It is useful in dispelling negative energies . The energies of Amazonite are the energies of the warrior, but not a warrior that is ready for war ~ more one that quietly sits in the background letting everyone else fight, whilst they intelligently find non aggressive ways of moving engaging. Amazonite is also good for creativity and helps to ease stress, nervousness and a trouble mind. It raises our energies of love to that of universal love and encourages us to see all points of view from an open heart and non judgemental mind. Good for the throat, metabolism and voice. Beneficial for heart problems and strengthening the immune system.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 8.1cm (81mm) long X 5.8cm (58mm) wide.

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