Colour : Form of quartz that is identified by the growths on the side of the quartz that seem to grow over and overlap each other, much like a candle looks when it has been lit for a short time and then blown out. The wax that dries on the sides of a candle looks very much like the patterning on the edges of Candle Quartz. It is actually lots of small terminations of Quartz surrounding a bigger point in the middle. Usually clear, but can come in any form of quartz such as Citrine or Amethyst.
Chakra : All
Physical : Release of stress & anxiety.
Spiritual : Candle Quartz is primarily a meditation tool that we can use to see into the darker aspects of ourselves, into the Shadow Self. This can be very uncomfortable for many, but our greatest gifts are usually hidden within this side of ourselves. It is in exploring that which we’d rather not see that reveals hidden talents and treasures. Candle Quartz supports us gently whilst we undertake this work, providing pointers and answers each step of the way so we can work with the less pleasant behavioural patterns and preconceptions we may have. We are all programmed during our childhood, then find when we reach adulthood that we no longer wish to behave in certain ways, particularly if those ways can cause drama, pain or hurt to others. When working to change those aspects of the self, when working to heal deep wounds, Candle Quartz is a brilliant friend!

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