October, November, December Energy Forecast 2017

October, November, December Energy Forecast 2017

Hello Lovely 🙂

Thanks so much for visiting the blog to see what’s coming up in Autumn/Winter 2017. It’s been a hectic, interesting, erratic and sometimes chaotic year for many. Time is noticeably speeding up!

So stop now and just pause for a minute before you read on. Find somewhere quiet and comfortable for just a few a minutes.  Close your eyes and take three, loooooong, deeeeeeep breaths. Now cast your mind back to this time last year….. how did you feel about yourself and your life then? If you can, think back further to the year before that……. in the past two years, what has changed for you? You’d be surprised how many of us either say’everything’ or can’t even think where to start!

Now is the time to look back and acknowledge your amazing growth & achievements ~ we all have bits of our lives and past that we still have to tinker with, it seems to be the way for those walking a path of Spiritual Exploration or Awareness. We are learning so much so quickly however, we are healing and growing at an incredible rate these past few years. It’s good to stop and acknowledge that, to see how far you’ve come and where your power lies. To remember that it’s the journey, not racing to the destination, that brings the most magic, wonder and growth 😉

It’s important that we stop and smell the roses, that we give out a vibration of love, of gratitude, of humility, a little nod of acknowledgement & connection to our Soul, the Universe and those whom have helped us along the way ~ the energy of which is sorely needed in the world right now.  



If you’ve found the last six months challenging on any level, the energy of October shifts towards something more positive and workable. That’s not to say we’re not still under an umbrella of ‘pressure’, but it offers the opportunity for us to make better choices that make us feel more empowered, more able to communicate how we truly feel and able to stand in our own truth without having to fight.

The Autumnal winds blow in some refreshing energies that lift us, but like turbulence on an aeroplane, it might get a bit bumpy occasionally. The key is to remain as balanced as possible, to fiercely focus on our dreams, goals and aspirations and also be very aware of what our boundaries are and that we are upholding them in healthy ways ~ particularly for those who are energy sensitive or Empaths.

There is still the theme of relationships running right through into 2018, so whether it is friendships, family, intimate relationships, work colleagues, groups, our relationship with Spirit, our higher self, our health or the outside world in general……. How we relate to others in our life and how we talk to ourselves in our own head will be a recurring theme. If you’re being affected by this energy, the second and third week in October are likely to be challenging on some level. However, they promise a positive outcome if we are honest with ourselves and others whilst remaining calm and positively focused. Try to rise above frustration or irritation and if you can’t, channel that energy into doing something completely different, practical, creative or physical. Take yourself out of the equation and focus on releasing the energy in whatever way works best for you.

To help raise awareness, pay close attention to how you communicate and use words, whether spoken or written. See how they impact others and how the words of others impact you. If your words do not have the desired impact or response you were hoping for, look at where you could be going wrong and change things accordingly. You may need to speak up, slow down, use less emotion, communicate your feelings rather than thoughts or vice versa, be more diplomatic, speak in a more empowering way, stop whinging, blaming or being a victim or even stop speaking all together! We are all so different, but this energy can be seen working through each of our lives if we pay attention.

Working together harmoniously in a fair and balanced way is what we should all be aiming for. Being able to speak our truth is important, but it’s just as important to LISTEN to the truth of others & accept their reality. Accepting someone’s reality as their own doesn’t require us to agree or disagree ~ acceptance is the absence of judgement. It is simply accepting someone else’s truth & experience and working with that rather than trying to convince them to see the world through our eyes. 

A classic example is my being asked to work with someone who was being ‘attacked’ by Spirit. I, personally, don’t believe Spirit work in this way. However, my client did. In order to help her, I had to step into her world, without judgement and understand what she was experiencing. It didn’t matter whether I though she was right, wrong, insane or lucid ~ what mattered was getting to the root of the problem, so we could sort out her energy system.  As it so happens, she had suddenly become highly sensitive late in life and started to pick up on such a multitude of energies, it felt like something was ‘out to get her’. The poor woman was overwhelmed by it all. Teaching her how to identify different energies, how they made her feel, how they manifested for her and how to work with some of them made a world of difference……… and no more ‘bad Spirits’ 🙂

The New Moon on 19 October is in Libra and exact at 20:12pm GMT. It’s going to be an unpredictable one as the energy of Uranus (unexpected things) is so strong. For those being impacted, this New Moon will ignite high emotions, drama and a fierce desire for freedom in some way. For anyone currently involved in ‘reform’ on any level, whether personal, spiritual or social, if they are working with honesty and integrity, this New Moon practically guarantees success. This makes it a good day to stop, acknowledge the energies and to focus clearly, positively and with a fierce belief on the path ahead. There is an opportunity to inspire or even shock people awake if you can work with and channel this New Moon energy 😉

There will be a deeper, instinctual energy coming into play by the end of October that asks us to tune into and listen to our intuition. Doing so will help us to rise above the drama of our human lives and see the bigger picture ~ or at least the deeper meaning behind the circumstances playing out in our lives. It’s hard to interpret how this energy will impact us, but the desire for truth and the impatience at having to deal with anything less than that is likely to stimulate and shake out any cobwebs and Egoic thought patterns that have kept us in a negative place. If something is not grounded in what is true for you, what is important to you…….. let it go.


November asks us to focus on who we are and ensure that above all else, we are being honest ~ both with ourselves and with others. Not only must we be honest, but we must learn how to communicate our truth with compassion, passion and belief ~ the energy of our words and actions are being sent out into the Universe every second of every day. We can all feel the pressure building on our beautiful Earth. We can see it in society, on the news, with the climate changing, in politics ~ all over the world, there is division and conflict, fear, grief and anger. We are being asked to become better people ourselves, to pay attention to the energy we give out on a daily basis, to take responsibility for our part in being alive at a time when compassion is so desperately needed.

Self Growth isn’t enough however. It is time to stand up, to come together and to do something tangible to effect change in our own lives and the lives of others. Help each other, it really is that simple. Ask for help, offer help. Be open, be receptive, be generous. The simplicity of that in such a complicated world is like a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t matter how or in what field/area of life, as long as it’s positive energy going out into the world that comes from your heart.

Right at the start of the year, I said the overall aim of 2017 was to find our tribe, find a group, find something in our community or society where we can join with others to effect positive change, whether it’s something as simple as making ourselves feel better/understood/included or something different, such as supporting a local cause or national charity ~ the energy of the year is best expressed by our working on ourselves most definitely, but ALSO by our working together with others for the greater good.

The November Full Moon falls on 4 November in Taurus and is exact at 05:23am GMT. It is one that will stimulate our emotional sensitivity and reactivity, more so than many of the other Full Moons this year. However, the Moon being in Taurus gives us a clue as how to deal with any overwhelming or heightened emotions ~ ground yourself. Get out in nature, do something physical such as exercise, decorating, gardening etc. If you can feel yourself being affected by this moon, take yourself out of the reach of anything that is likely to overstimulate or inflame your emotions until the energy has passed. For those that are unaware, this Full Moon and following weekend could end up in emotional conflict, arguments and fights ~ all with heightened drama, hurt feelings on all sides and it will achieve absolutely nothing. Not a good Full Moon to bathe crystals unless you feel a definite call to do so.

Galactic Shenanigans ~ A Head’s Up!

The big news in November is that Saturn is doing some highly powerful jiggery pokery in the sky from 15 November – 4 December, with the energy at it’s peak on 24 November. You won’t have to ask if you’re being affected by this energy ~ you’ll know with absolute certainty. This particular Saturn phase only happens every 29 years ~ Saturn makes us do things the hard way sometimes as it forces us into action, but it ensures we only have to do things once. This energy facilitates huge changes in both our reality and our perspective of the world. It is all about expanding the mind and this year, it’s about global expansion on some level ~ around the globe, perceptions are going to shift.

ALL energy workers will feel this energy. I would not be at all surprised if there are highly active solar flares during this time period (or none at all). Keep an eye on the earth’s geo magnetic field (Schumann Resonance) as I have a feeling we’re in for some strong geo magnetic waves. If you can feel this energy and see it’s manifestation in your life, focus on ‘upgrading’ ~ channel it through your body, seeing it fire up and ‘upgrade’ every single cell and fibre of your being. Support your Soul and consciousness in it’s desire to transform your human world. If you can reach out and share yourself & your vulnerability or joy with others whilst going through this experience, even if it is a extremely challenging situation that you cannot see the end of, you are still guaranteed success. This Saturn phase can really can open our minds to the magic of the world ~ it is a spiritual, energetic, positive awakening!

As an energy worker, even if you aren’t experiencing the Saturn energy directly, you will be feeling a lot of conflicting, erratic and unusual energies in general. Our job is to ground this erratic energy, whether through physical exercise, labour, grounding every few hours, meditating and focusing on channelling energy into the Earth in whatever way works for you ~ you might just want to withdraw with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and sleep for a week. No problem. Eating and sleeping (as long as you aren’t journeying!) is also grounding 😉 Yippee. Help each other and help our Earth by staying stable and grounded for these few weeks. Sensitives are likely to be pushed into overwhelm. Do whatever you need to do to calm, soothe, motivate, love or comfort yourself and focus on grounding the energy.

The New Moon in November falls on the 18th in Scorpio and is exact at 11:42am GMT. It asks us to focus on our goals and fully commit to them and any process of change we may currently be going through. If you want to set a grid, altar or visualisation tool up at this point, to run for a whole lunar month, it would be a great build up to the December Full Moon with lots of passionate energy.


The beginning of December could start with a break up, a break down or a break through if your relationships have been going through challenge. Which would you prefer? For most, again, only if the energies are affecting them personally, it could be an emotional or mind blowing start to the month. Trust your gut intuition. It’ll see you through the entire process with ease. Allow yourself to be open, to welcome and adapt to the changes and opportunities for intimacy & healing.

The Full Moon is on 3 December in Gemini and is exact at 15:47pm GMT. This is a nice Full Moon that wants to draw us together. A great time for a meal with family & friends or a romantic night in with a loved one.

Most of December is one of the calmest months of the year! You’ll still feel an undercurrent, but we’re all going to be so focused on moving towards the New Year break, we’re unlikely to feel too many energies during the month or anything new to shock us. It will just feel fast and almost like it’s going past in a whirlwind ~ so take the time to slow down. Take the time to spend quality time with the people you love, to nourish yourself and those you care about. Reach out and help those less fortunate if you can, to touch other’s lives in a positive way with a smile, a gesture, a kind word or dollar/pound in a donation tin etc.

The New Moon is on 18th December in Sagittarius and is exact at 06:30am GMT. If there is anything that still needs to be shifted or transformed within us that we should’ve dealt with but either weren’t aware of or were suppressing/ignoring, this New Moon will trigger it. However, it’s quite an adventurous, exciting trigger rather than the painful, wounded, highly emotional triggers we’ve had so often this year. We’ll know what we have to deal with & might not feel too enthusiastic about it, but the New Moon energy will fill us full of new ideas on how to move forward, provide a new focus or new goal ~ this New Moon feels naughty and determined at the same time.

There may be some temptation in the last week of December to get dragged into old cycles, patterns or arguments. For those whom have been working on healing those old emotions/thoughts/behaviours……….. you may be tested in particular, simply to ensure you can now be calm, that you can uphold your boundaries or that you have genuinely healed/let something go. Resist the temptation to fall back into anything ‘old’. It will only waste your time and energy. Difficult to say I know as many of us will be around the family or friends that push our buttons, but try to remain detached if you can. My blog on Detachment & Witnessing may help.

Keep looking forward, keep believing in yourself and your dreams. Look how far you’ve come this year. Next year, where do you want to go?




Many people don’t like the effect of retrograde planets because this energy can bring things to a halt in our lives, depending on what area of life they are affecting (which is different for each of us). We may suddenly hit a brick wall, things may become confusing, we may feel a little stagnant or frustrated in a certain area. However, retrograde phases offer us a gift. A chance to reflect, review and go over things to ensure we haven’t missed anything important ~ it’s why we often feel we’re being brought back to an issue we thought we had already dealt with.

Chiron is retrograde 1 July ~ 5 December  A time to look at our ability to move forward through fear, to reflect on our wounds and how we handle them. An opportunity to heal our soul wound (all of us are born with one). Chiron moving forward takes the pressure & focus off our wounds, but I have noticed most of us have personal Chiron transits in our charts so many will feel the pressure ease in one area, but it will remain the same in another. 

Neptune is retrograde 16 June ~ 22 Nov ~ A time to reflect on our spiritual journey, our levels of compassion, how we perceive unconditional love and whether there are any subconscious or murky emotions we really need to address. Neptune moving forward in November will allow us to see things clearly where previously it may have been murky and uncertain.

Uranus is retrograde 2 August – 2 Jan ~ A time to go inward for deep psychological analysis and investigation into what truly governs us and makes us tick on the inside. We are called to look at our behaviour and integrity on both a personal and global level.

Mercury is retrograde 3 – 22 December ~  A time to look at how we communicate, how we handle business, money or property transactions, legal matters, decision making and travel. Mercury retrograde is not a good time to take action or make important decisions in these areas. Better to review, analyse and plan…. then take action once Mercury turns direct again. If things get delayed, whether it be communications or travel plans, just move with the flow instead of resisting it. This may frustrate those trying to conclude deals or have clear communication in the lead up to Christmas, but December is a month to slow down and focus on our relationships and family, not push hard against the flow of energy in order to get things done. Leave anything that is stalling or causing frustration until the New Year.

All in all, it’s been one heck of a year, but given the energies we’ve dealt with, had to process, had to live with or express in our lives, we’re actually going to end 2017 on a high!

October is relationship/emotion based, November is going to blow the minds of many of us individually or globally whilst December will ease things down, slowing the energy down via Mercury retrograde and the wind down to the New Year break. Whatever you do this winter/New Year break, if you’re lucky to get one (or summer break down under ;-), spend it with the ones you love or doing something you love. Love really is the answer.  

2017 has been an interesting, strange year. So acknowledge how far you’ve come ~ you’ve made it through two sets of double eclipses, power solar flares, geo magnetic fluxes, huge amounts of astrological shenanigans and have facilitated big changes in either within yourself or in your life. You are shining brighter than you ever have before and not lost the plot 😉 Please accept a Gold Star, because you are simply amazing!! 🙂

Lots of Love and Cosmic Cuddles 🙂

Krissy XXXX


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