Mini Energy Report ~ August 2018

Mini Energy Report ~ August 2018

Hello There 🙂

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything energy related because…….. well……… I’ve been a bit all over the place this year!

It was obvious when looking at the overall astrological view of the year that I simply wouldn’t have time to write Energy Reports as I would be inundated myself. It’s been an interesting year so far ~ overall, am learning sooooo many different things. Even though it’s exhausting or overwhelming at times, I can see where the Universe is trying to take me.

Lessons are coming thick & fast for us all this year. I’ve had periods of sleeping like a log, then insomnia. Feeling like am moving at 100mph, then barely at all. Times when my mind & higher self have been clear as a bell and radiating light, to periods of self sabotage and falling foul of my inner self critic & ego mind. If it carries on like this, am going to get whiplash! 😉

We are still in turbulent times energetically until the New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse occur on Saturday. Those energies take a good 2-3 weeks to finally dissipate. For some, the energy has eased a little this week. If so, that’s great ~ because it means you’ve become aware of what needs to shift for you (either internally or externally) and are now considering what action to take.

For others, the pressure still hasn’t let up yet. Now is a time of letting go of something that no longer supports us. August is THE month to look back at the past and see where it still drags us into thinking, communicating or behaving in a way that harms ourselves or others. It is a time of breakdown for some and breakthrough for others ~ or both.

Stay focused on the positive, on the highest vision you can imagine for yourself and do whatever it takes to stop the Ego mind from creating inaction or bringing you down. If you find yourself separating away from others into a solitary, negative state of mind, you will be experiencing the negative influence of current energies & need to connect to others as quickly as possible.

Be careful with your words over the next week, whether spoken or written (particularly on social media). Pay close attention to anything that triggers you into emotional overwhelm or drama. We are being given the opportunity, once and for all, to clear any emotional debris from our past (whether that’s our personal past, karmic or ancestral). We must use this year to do our very best to ensure we are standing on emotionally stable ground going forwards. It’s why this year is all about connection as none of us can do it alone.

Trust me, we are going to need that emotional stability moving into 2019 as January starts off with a Double Eclipse! On the plus side, that means we have five months to look back, analyse and take action on whatever has come up for us over July/August ~ before the energy shifts onto another area of life & we lose the opportunity. Everything in life moves in cycles so that opportunity will come round again, but in a much harsher, more forceful way. If you’re not liking it now, you reallllllly won’t like it when it cycles back round again.

If whatever you’re dealing with now is part of your soul’s lesson here on Earth, you can be sure the Universe will eventually get tired of waiting and deal with the matter itself. Usually with chaos, drama, upheaval and bad feeling left in it’s wake. So do the work being asked of you now, go deep, work to the best of your ability and you won’t ever have to do it again!

As the retrograde planets start to move forward again, the energy will begin to flow and shift in whatever area of life that has been held under review or felt stagnant (this is different for all of us based on our individual astrology chart):

Mercury moves forward on 19 August, so our ability to think clearly and communicate positively will improve.

Mars moves forward on 27 August, so our ability to motivate ourselves and take action will improve whilst any anger or irritation will ease.

Saturn moves forward on 6 September, encouraging us to put into action any changes we know need to be made, but slowly and methodically so we don’t make mistakes or tip ourselves into overwhelm.

Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron and Venus are all going remain retrograde for awhile longer as we review our relationships, our intuitive abilities, our spiritual growth and how to heal our wounds, right down to their very core. We are being given the space to dive deep within to truly come to know our shadow self & the gifts it holds ~ to learn how to accept, love and honour all of who we are, the good, the bad, the downright ugly AND magnificent 😉 Underpinning all of this astrological activity, right through to January 2019, is the message ‘expect the unexpected’. If something comes out of the blue that you weren’t expecting, you know it’s Uranus making his presence felt. 

The two most important things this year are Connection and Self Love. Make sure you make these two things a priority in everything you do. Make time to enjoy both this month as often as you possibly can. It’ll make you feel much better if these pesky energies of late have been causing any disruption or challenge. 

With love and brightest of blessings

Krissy XXX


  1. This makes so much sense now! Thanks for writing and Sharing. Can I share this to friends?

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