July, August & September Energy Forecast 2017

July, August & September Energy Forecast 2017

Hello There

Welcome to my third Energy Forecast of the year, where we look at the cycles and energies that will occur over the next three months. Everyone interprets them and feels them differently, so I try and offer both the positive & negative aspects of what can happen in order that we gain a full, clear, realistic picture. Why are we experiencing certain things? Why do we feel the way we do on any given day?

For those that are sensitive to energy, it’s particularly helpful to know when there is an overall energy affecting everyone, or whether there is a specific energy relating to us as an individual. We are still being challenged and questioned by the Universe, that isn’t going to ease up any time soon as the overall theme is to heal our wounds ~ globally, within society, within our communities and within ourselves. We are being asked to open our heart and our minds, to not settle for less, to act from our intuition and heart rather than our head, to use empathy & compassion. Look at where supposed ‘great minds’ have brought us so far………

Alongside this theme of healing, which began in 2010 and continues until 2019, we also have a lot of unexpected things occurring. This is deliberate. Not being able to anticipate puts us on the back foot and shows our true colours. Do we over react in that moment? Do we come from a place of calm? Do we reel in shock and fall apart? Do we lash out and push others away or do we look to others for support? It is a time of social unrest, of revolution, of standing up for what we believe in, of radical action that leads to new perceptions and levels of consciousness. The old is breaking down to make way for the new. Old wounds are being brought to the surface to be cleansed and healed. Unfortunately, things are likely to get a little worse before they start to get better, but that’s OK. If you know you need to knuckle down and DO something, just get on with it………. as it will only keep intensifying and niggling. Transformation on such a grand or deep scale takes time. It will not happen overnight ~ neither within our individual lives nor society as a whole. We are being pushed hard, but at the same time, being offered days where we can step back, take a deep breath, tune in & realign ourselves. The more we can go with the flow, the easier it will be. 

We cannot take responsibility for all the problems in the world, but we can most certainly take responsibility for our own. Focus on individual growth, healing and awareness, on your own family and community. Visualise each individual, where ever they are in the world, creating a tiny, golden glow of light energy as they raise their personal vibrations. Think of a map of the world and imagine it covered in little golden glows of people. People who are healing, expanding, growing, getting involved, helping others, joining like minded communities or groups, sharing and caring. This raises our energy levels towards positivity and those little glows add up to form a collective web of energy around our World. Have faith that a better time is coming ~ try to watch with detachment as the old breaks down, knowing that by 2019, things are going to be different.

JULY 2017

The first week in July has had some challenging energies that seem to bring things to the surface, but then calm down again so we aren’t overwhelmed & can look at things more objectively (should we wish to). However, there is an underlying build up of tension that doesn’t quite seem to go away ~ it’s bubbling away under the surface. This is partly due to the coming weekend seeing the Full Moon in Capricorn on 9 July 2017. It is exact at 05:07am GMT. This will be one of the most intense Full Moon’s of 2017. If you resonate with the lunar calendar or moon, prepare to have your emotions heightened! This energy is hot, stimulating and firey ~ not quite what you’d expect from the moon, but our celestial bodies seem to be having a bit of an astrological punch up over the next few months!

If one of your triggers is injustice, watch yourself. Nothing is as black/white or right/wrong as some people may think. There are always more perceptions than just two. Two creates opposition, so to really get the best out of this energy, find another way to come at whatever is troubling you and side step the conflict. This conflict could also be between two parts of the Self, so awareness and honesty during the next few weeks would be really helpful.

Do whatever you need to do to remain in control this weekend (8/9). Slow down, step back, walk away, give yourself some space/time/peace if you need it. Get out in nature, do something physical, MOVE ~ grounding ourselves in Earth energy and physical activities will keep us stable and is a great way to ‘burn off’ the energy of ‘fire’ or excess emotional energy. Some people may be hit by fatigue, in which case, retreat to your bed and don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s only energy and will soon pass. Trying to fight against it will only create problems. This weekend is not a good one for indulging in anything that might skew your ability to perceive what is going on around you with crystal clear clarity. If you find yourself on the defensive, stop. That’s a clear indicator you’ve been swept up in the energy of the Full Moon and might need to step away from the issue for a few days until that energy settles back down again. It really can make us do something we will regret.

Week two is likely to move fast and most of our focus will be on whatever has come up over the Full Moon weekend. Energy is erratic and we’re still being poked and challenged. We may see this played out on a world stage with posturing or conflict between governments & countries. This is why it is so important that we work deeply on ourselves and move with the flow of these energies as much as possible. What is happening in our own lives is happening on a grand scale too. The quicker we heal or help ourselves or others, the better the overall energy becomes for all.

Week three is a jumble of confusing energies, which may cause fuzzy thinking and over reaction at the start of the week. If you’re unsure what is right or wrong for you, step back and leave it a few days. We should feel a shift in our hearts or minds towards the end of week three. We will feel more open towards hearing others & connecting on a true level, without as much emotional energy to contend with. We should have a clearer idea of what we need to do to move forward or resolve conflict.

The New Moon on 23 July is in Leo and exact at 10:45am GMTAnother firey Moon that sets up another month of conflicting, heated energy. I wouldn’t manifest on this particular New Moon or set intentions unless you feel strongly drawn to do so. With such heated energy, we have to be 100% certain, grounded and confident in what we are trying to manifest or it’s not likely to turn out the way we envisaged. It is, however, a fantastic time for creativity and finding reasons to play, have fun and have a good time! 

The last week in July is more focused on relationships and how we support each other in moving forward. There is a lovely boost of energy mid week, which can help us make great strides if we know where we’re going and are certain of our path. It stimulates ideas and new ways of approaching matters. The relationship theme continues on through into August, asking us if we feel safe in our relationships. Do we trust our partner and if not, why not? Is it because our trust was betrayed as a child so we’ve never learned how? Is it due to betrayal as an adult?  Could it be that you don’t trust yourself or the bigger picture? It’s not easy having these constant challenges fired at us one after another ~ I can only say that it will be worth the work.


Uranus retrogrades on 1 August (another month with a retrograde plant kicking it off). This creates a restless energy where just about anything can happen, so expect the unexpected right into next year! We’re still in that relationship type energy in the first week of August, with questions around trust, power, control and identity until the first Eclipse of the month.

The August Full Moon falls on 7 August in Aquarius and is exact at 19:10 GMT ~ it is a Lunar Eclipse. This is a day to focus, have awareness and pay close attention to the energy you are sending out into the Universe. Remember it will echo those vibrations right back at you! The highest level of using this energy is to offer ourselves up for service on some level ~ how can we help others? We are supposed to be reaching out to others in support this year ~ the more we involve ourselves with a wider community on some level, the more positive our lives will be. We also have the opportunity to live from our highest Spiritual awareness.

Week two is likely to be fast and a little all over the place, with the energy from the Lunar Eclipse overlapping with that of Mercury going retrograde. Our emotions are likely to be heightened and we need to focus on our communication being open, honest and clear. We may find it difficult to communicate how we feel, or it might all burst out at once! Take your time, take the pressure off, create some space and peace if you need it. We’re all learning what our triggers are and how to control them. We’re all dealing with wounding on some level and how to heal it. Be kind to yourself. It’s not a race, nor can you stick your head in the sand……….. and we all make mistakes. The energy around the weekend offers both challenge and connection and we slide into week three on a slower, more reserved energy. It’s time to rewind, review and reflect rather than take action.

The rest of week three moves between harmony (depending on how accepting we are) and questioning ~ whether we question ourselves, the Universe or others, we will be seeking answers and juggling our lives on several levels. Week three ends on a quiet weekend of calm ~ a wonderful time to spend with loved ones and doing things that feed the soul! For those being affected by the coming Eclipse, the energy may feel pressured or intense over this weekend, so try to channel that into something physical as you’ll stay grounded and feel less emotional.

The New Moon in August falls on 21st August in Leo again and is exact at 19:30 GMT. There is a Total Solar Eclipse on this New Moon and it is the 2nd New Moon in Leo, which is quite unusual. This is hugely motivational, transformational energy. It is likely to trigger our vulnerabilities and therefore defence systems, but we have the opportunity to REALLY shift something we’ve been wanting to address for a long time, we just haven’t know how. Reach for the mature, wise, grounded, adult side of yourself and check in with your intuition regularly. There is such intensity and complication in this particular eclipse ~ whether you fall on the positive or negative side of it depends entirely on your mindset. It’s a good time to think positive!! What’s also really special about this Eclipse is that it triggers a movement from masculine energy into feminine, Goddess energy. A change that shifts the power from a place of control to a place of compassion, from conflict to healing, from selfishness to service. This Eclipse is likely to affect us on a global level too!

Over the weekend, we may feel the urge to take action in some area of our lives, but I’d advise caution. Wait for the energy of August to pass as you may be processing things so rapidly, you’ll need time to integrate everything in order to make balanced decisions. So plan, brain storm, mind map and get everything ready to go ~ make sure there is a healthy balance between fantasy and reality and that plans are well thought out right to the final conclusion.

September is the month where we can finally get going! The process of August is to show us things about ourselves we may not have known before and to offer trigger points from which we can make positive change. This can fall in area of life, but we’re all likely to experience something that shifts our mind in a new and more confident direction. Focus on the future, on hope and on unity. The last week in August is a mixed bag of energies ~ literally what you focus on the most is the energy you’ll amplify and the Universe will send back to you. So again, a note to pay attention to the energy you are giving out.


September starts to move us in a different direction. I’d still advise waiting until the end of the first week of September before taking any action, simply because energy is still erratic and there is a lot of planetary movement & clashes. This creates confusion within us, even whilst we still feel the pressure to move forwards. Better to wait until we’re clearer energetically and can fully focus on the task at hand.

The Full Moon is on 6 September in Pisces and is exact at 08:02am GMT. It is a time to stop and reflect on everything that may have happened over the last month. Life is moving so fast, you may find it helpful to write a diary, journal or scribble some notes down throughout the summer in order to keep track of fleeting ideas and days/dates when certain things have happened. It allows us to look back during times of review in order to see any cycles or patterns and to remember everything concisely. Any conflicts we have or pressure we feel this week is likely to increase and come to a head over the 8/9 weekend in September. Let the pressure bubble burst and then look for the opportunity to resolve matters on a calmer, more practical level.

During the second week of September, simply agree to disagree. The energy will try to trip us up & mire us in petty squabbles that don’t achieve anything. If we’re tired on any level, it will be harder to manage so acknowledge if you need to rest and practice some self love. In fact, book some time for yourself ~ for pampering, for sleep, for rejuvenation. With this being the time kids go back to school, it’s usually hectic on a practical level for most families, so ensure you side step all the irritable energy by keeping a happy, positive mindset and acknowledging that in this week in particular, you could do with some YOU time.

Week three is still working on our relationships. Do you want to keep going over the past or do you want to focus on solutions and the future? There is a strong push to not waste any more time focusing on the problem ~ we need to move forwards and the only way to do that is mull over and discuss a MULTITUDE of solutions (remember to avoid having only two solutions, which creates opposition). This is a good week to practice grounding and coming from a higher, intuitively connected place. We will be guided better by our gut feelings and emotions during this entire summer period, rather than the mind.

The New Moon is on 20th September in Virgo and is exact at 06:30am GMT. This New Moon offers opportunity to focus, in tiny detail, on something very specific. A good New Moon to manifest and visualise. The Autumn Equinox challenges us to release our attachment to old ways of being, so this is also a good New Moon to release something and let it go. We MUST develop stronger trust in those around us, ourselves and the Universe. Trust will be a continuous, underlying, core theme throughout the rest of the year, so if you have any issues, look at how they are impacted by trust….or lack thereof.

The final week in September might throw up a few surprises ~ we might want to tear up plans and start again and that’s absolutely fine, as long as we’re being fuelled by creative inspiration rather than dejection. It is important that we stand in our own truth and integrity. We can no longer betray our own values & ideals ~ even in an attempt to try and keep the peace. At the same time however, we must continue to reach for connection, understanding and acceptance. It is OK if someone is not on the same page as us and views the world differently. Give time to those you resonate with and move away from those you don’t. We will get the most out of the next few years if we focus on positive action and support for the things we believe in rather than negative attack or derision of the things we don’t. This is particularly relevant with political & religious issues Worldwide.


Many people don’t like the effect of retrograde planets because this energy can bring things to a halt in our lives, depending on what area of life they are affecting (which is different for each of us). We may suddenly hit a brick wall, things may become confusing, we may feel a little stagnant or frustrated in a certain area. However, retrograde phases offer us a gift. A chance to reflect, review and go over things to ensure we haven’t missed anything important ~ it’s why we often feel we’re being brought back to an issue we thought we had already dealt with.

Chiron is retrograde 1 July – 5 December . A time to look at our ability to move forward through fear, to reflect on our wounds and how we handle them. An opportunity to heal our soul wound (all of us are born with one).

Neptune is retrograde 16 June – 22 Nov ~ constant over the next three months. A time to reflect on our spiritual journey, our levels of compassion, how we perceive unconditional love and whether there are any subconscious or murky emotions we really need to address.

Saturn is retrograde 5 April – 25 August ~ goes direct in August.

Uranus is retrograde 2 August – 2 Jan ~ retrogrades in August. A time to go inward for deep psychological analysis and investigation into what truly governs us and makes us tick on the inside. We are called to look at our behaviour and integrity on both a personal and global level.

Pluto is retrograde 20 April – 28 Sept ~ goes direct in September. A chance to look at how we react to situations when our wounds or Ego is triggered. We can use this time to look at how we use our personal power. Do we give it up? Do we manipulate? Do we have deeper drives and motivations that we are unaware of? Are we truly in alignment with our soul’s purpose?

Mercury is retrograde 12 August – 5 September ~ retrograde in August, direct again in September. A time to look at how we communicate, how we handle business, money or property transactions, legal matters, decision making and travel. Mercury retrograde is not a good time to take action or make important decisions in these areas. Better to review, analyse and plan…. then take action once Mercury turns direct again. If things get delayed, whether it be communications or travel plans, just move with the flow instead of resisting it.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, amplification and growth, moves signs in October. I am mentioning it in this Forecast as it’s a good opportunity to watch, from a higher perspective, how this shift manifests in the world. For the past year, Jupiter has been amplifying the need for systems that are more ethical, fair, equal and socially beneficial. We follow on from this theme in October towards more focus on clarity, transparency, honesty and accountability. If there are any skeletons in the cupboard or secrets that have been buried, they are likely to come to the surface over the 12 months from October. There are likely to be power struggles as the old comes up to be cleansed and transformed into something new. We will see this played out on a global (political) level as well as individually.

Try to focus on your strengths and be honest & learn to accept your weaknesses over the next six months. Do not waste your energy by comparing yourself to others because who you are and what you’re experiencing as an individual makes you an essential part of the ‘whole’. Your energy, exactly as it is now, warts & all, is what the Universe needs. Don’t let that nasty, negative self critic (or Ego mind) that lives inside us all put you in a mindset where you feel ‘less than’ someone else.

We are all vitally important individuals and if you are spiritually inclined, raising your own vibrations and moving towards a happier, more integrated life puts SO much good energy out into the world ~ it DOES make a difference. Remember, the core motivation of the Ego mind is to separate you from those who can support and help you. If you feel alone, if you feel separate, less or not included ~ take a good look at how your mind is working against you, rather than for you. I highly recommend a book by Eckhart Tolle, called New Earth. It can be a game changer where our Ego mind is concerned.

This year is a time of unrest and unexpected situations or events. My advice is to just roll with things as easily as you can and listen to your body. If you find yourself being delayed, held back, messed around or blocked, accept it. Frustration will only waste energy & create stress. Check in with yourself on a daily basis. Many people can burn out in this firy, restless energy we’re all living in right now. There is so much discord, conflict and unrest in the world alongside some truly crazy celestial energy! Do whatever you need to do to love yourself, to rest, to rejuvenate, to share and connect. Use your spiritual awareness, whether ancient or budding, to guide you through each day. Use your gut, learn what your emotions mean to you and start engaging with the world from a more aware, more connected, more heart centred state of being. It truly changes the quality and magic of life, making these turbulent times an awful lot easier to roll with 😉

With love and a huge dollop of blessings

Krissy XXXX



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  2. So informative x Could you clarify your advice on new moon intention setting in July please . Have a carnelian grid which has been sitting around for a few months. Each time I’ve set a date to set the grid (around new moon time) something’s prevented it. Next available date would be 24/7, but your guidance about avoiding this new moon for manifesting is quite specific.

    • Hi Pamilla, I don’t go into specifics because people generally don’t like all the astrological jargon. There is a lot of conflicting energy around at this time alongside the fact there will be two new moons in Leo (highly unusual and intense energy). The first one in July is setting up the intention of the next four weeks leading up to the eclipse. The energy is likely to be firey, intense and disruptive to many and is highly transformational. Very difficult to set a clear intention and stick to it for a month when we’re all likely to be up and down like yo-yos energetically and our focus will be taken in many different directions. Manifestation/visualisation and grids are best set when energy is calmer, when we can be focused and when it is less tumultuous. How people feel at the beginning of the Eclipse process and how they feel by the end (if affected), will be quite different. Hope that clarifies for you, but please drop me an email via the contact form if you’d like to chat further 🙂

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