An Energetic Head’s Up for the Coming Few Weeks

An Energetic Head’s Up for the Coming Few Weeks

I felt guided to share an energetic overview of the coming few weeks as there is an awful lot going on ~ astrologically, globally, collectively and individually. The Universe is simultaneously bringing us both challenge and positive growth and how that feels will be different for everyone

With the Taurus New Moon this week, alongside various interactions from a lot of the big planets, we can expect hidden things to come to light. It’s a time of being given a reality check on some level. Of truth being revealed.

How is your reality showing up? How are you currently perceiving the world, other countries, the media, your government, your community, your nearest & dearest……. your Self? Whatever shows up to be addressed in your life over the next few weeks, even if you feel resistant or fearful, it’s the perfect time/opportunity to dive in and be supported in doing so.

We will not experience these current energies again in our lifetime and they are with us well into next year. The pressure will keep coming. We have to shift whatever makes us feel low, whatever suppresses, triggers or holds us back. Every time we shift something, it releases the overall pressure our system is under, so we can handle whatever comes on the next wave of energy. If we do nothing, each wave piles on heavier pressure until we want to pop! Popping is not recommended…… verrrrrry messy 😉

How we relate to others is highlighted once again. In all things, remember that separation and division is old energy that humanity wants to move away from. We are stronger together and need to make that our focus in all relationships. Find a way to bridge any divides or differences using compassion, honesty, kindness, patience, acceptance and a joint desire to make something better.

This is a creative, earthy New Moon that will inspire many. If you feel creative inspiration, put everything else down and abandon yourself to it over the next few days, as you may well experience something truly magical and liberating.

Pay attention to the ego as this Taurus New Moon has it’s roots in ‘home’. This may bring up thoughts of lack, failure or the feeling of not being good enough, which will stem back to early childhood. Find a way to voice those thoughts to someone else so they are out in the open. This lessens the ego’s ability to control us through fear inside our minds. Our intuition will be heightened, so follow gut feelings or the heart at the moment, paying close attention to how the mind is behaving.

There is a powerful energy of revelation and realisation coming up on 25/26th April. I would advise keeping your mind open to all perceptions and possibilities right now. Question everything, including yourself. Make observations, but try not to fall into ‘knowing’ what you believe to be true to the point you cannot hear other options.

The key to taking advantage of this amazing energy is to surrender. Move out of resistance, into acceptance and surrender ~ again, this will be different for everyone. It may be surrendering a belief, an idea, a dream, a person, a job, a defence mechanism, to someone or to a situation or experience. To let go of resistance and control.

Once we let go, there is the opportunity for everything to suddenly come together and make sense. There is a sense of freedom in the air ~ more likely from something inside of ourselves or a sense of spiritual freedom we did not have before. It could also be taken literally, however, as the freedom from something external in your life.

The energy for the rest of this month offers us freedom through higher knowledge. The freedom to be who we are, to stand in our truth and to choose how we wish to respond to the World. Today, I am choosing to respond with love and gratitude. 

Have a wonderful week

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