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From Masculine to Feminine ~ Taking off the Armour

The latest division between men and women is the ‘Bear Story’ that has gone viral this week ~ where a woman is asked whether she’d rather meet a Bear in the wild or an unfamiliar man. Many women replied ‘the Bear’ and, of course, this has triggered many men into absolute horror, anger or sadness to realise that SO many woman would rather risk being eaten by a Bear!

The thing is, this division, imbalance and slanging match between men and women that is going on externally is simply a reflection of what is going on internally for many of us. Add in all the gender confusion perpetuated and stirred up by the media and we suddenly have an absolute s**t show when it comes to the masculine and feminine.

The World is shifting and we are being asked to correct this imbalance. To bring union where there was once division. In my experience, that starts with each of us as individuals. So I’d like to share a little bit of what I’m currently learning (which is open to change as am mid process):

👉 Regardless of our gender, on an energetic level, we are ALL a balance of masculine and feminine

👉 We should not look outside of ourselves to judge or attack another, regardless of our gender or theirs, because unless we’re 100%, perfectly balanced in our own, internal masculine and feminine energies ~ we’re going to be projecting our own s**t onto other people!

Whatever our gender, we need to move from THAT primary energy FIRST 😍

If a man is predominantly in his feminine energy, he’s going to struggle to lead, to create the life he wants and not be told what to do by women. Men need to think and create structure FIRST and then move into their feminine flow. A typical example would be a house. First, the structure must be built (masculine). Then a home can be created (feminine).

If a woman is predominantly in her masculine energy, she’s going to struggle to give herself the time required to feel as she’ll be doing all the things with no space for be-ing. Women are intuitive, connected to Source and Mother Earth. We’re guided from a place of flow FIRST. Once we’ve received the guidance, we then move from our hearts and gut, into the mind and our masculine energy to create a structure that can contain our flow/guidance and bring it into fruition.

How many women do you know that are running a business and moving from a place of the mind (masculine) or from a need for money (masculine)? They’re up in their head, thinking from a place of fear or from a desire to control the outcome and then wondering why things aren’t working. Especially if that’s the way they’ve always done it and done so quite successfully 🙋

Well…… the old ways aren’t working any more, as many are now discovering! 🧐

The Age of Aquarius is partially about the rise of the Divine Feminine ~ which means millions of women are going to have to shift out of their masculine and work on pivoting to come from their dominant, natural, feminine energy first and foremost. We then need to hold a balance of both energies to move through the World with ease and grace.

Having rejected my own feminine energy during teenage years due to childhood trauma, I stepped into my masculine for structure, safety and control. I just kept moving, doing and keeping busy as it kept everything else at bay. After years of deep healing work however, my system just can’t handle the imbalance of coming from my non dominant energy any more. I’ve been strongly guided to STOP, to step back and to take off the masculine armour. To let go of the control!!!

Let me tell you, taking that armour off, letting my defensive walls drop and trusting am safe to sink into my feminine ~ to be 100% guided by my heart and intuition ~ is one of the most painful processes I’ve ever experienced.

I feel like fricking Bambi. Everything feels SO sensitive. Am unable to handle conflict or stress in the same way as before. I currently can’t watch action movies or anything violent as it triggers a fight or flight response. Am having to get the correct sunlight, eat clean, detox, move into circadian rhythm and earth myself multiple times a day to stay calm and balanced. If I ‘do’ too much, my body inflames into pain and I could fall asleep standing up. It’s absolutely bonkers! The vulnerability and surrender this shift is asking of me is on another level.

And the Universe keeps on coming. In the past few weeks, I’ve had people come at me with the most awful perceptions and project all of their own stuff on to me in really unkind ways. There’s no desire to fight back. Am simply speaking my truth gently and then walking away. An old, dear friend received a terminal cancer diagnosis and was gone within a few weeks. I witnessed the horrific hit and run of an elderly lady’s dog that traumatised me so badly, I had to go round my mum’s and sob on her shoulder. It took hours to stop trembling.

You see, that armour made me harder and more capable of handling life, but until I took it off, I had no idea how sensitive things were underneath. Now am becoming genuinely strong from a place of vulnerability and openness. Now am cultivating peace and joy in my heart and walking away from anyone or anything that doesn’t honour that. It’s painful, but moving from a place of imbalance was becoming more so. My true feminine essence is love, gentleness and quiet power ~ only I couldn’t truly embrace that before because it was impossible to deeply connect to and feel it. I’d been disconnected from that part of myself, standing in the energy of self judgement, for far too long how. This process isn’t easy, but it is definitely a massive gift, as is my sensitivity, empathic and psychic skills are growing exponentially by the day ~ which is scary to think I’ve been running on 50% of my power for so many years! Have had to work through layers of fear around stepping into that full power too.

So, if this blog resonates on any level, know that you’re not alone. Know that it’s an honour and absolutely vital for the collective that we do this work. Know that you are far stronger than you think. Strong boundaries that are upheld in a healthy way are far better than defensive walls from behind which we throw pot shots at the World and hide our true essence away. The World needs our LIGHT and our TRUTH.

This, to me, is what it means to come home to our authentic selves

With Love, Krissy xxx

8 thoughts on “From Masculine to Feminine ~ Taking off the Armour”

  1. Wow exactly what I need to do, due to childhood traumas and abuse I went into masculine energy. I softened with having children, but once they grew up I went back to being tough. I put it down to self preservation, but I know why now. I have had to survive so much as an adult to and playing mam and dad and every family role as only had me. Now I’m ready to soften my heart and be me , thank you for sharing this

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Thanks so much for sharing Di ~ it’s a lot being a single parent, we needed our masculine energy to be Protector, Provider and hold everything together. Now it’s our time to soften, to nurture and love ourselves as much as we have others. Sending lots of love, Krissy

        1. Kristy Hodges

          Glad it resonates for you Lisa, thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

  2. Judith Clegg

    Thank you so much for your blog Krissy. I have just realised I am in my masculine energy, always feeling the need to be on the defensive after years of psychological bullying. I am still empathic though, I feel everything so deeply, but I am mistrusting of my intuition, especially as I was badly let down recently by one thing I was sure was coming to me. I can still feel the pain of what I perceived to be a rejection of ‘me’. Logically I know that isn’t true, but obviously I am running on old energy story on that one. So from today I want to love and honour my intuition and trust the flow and trust that what doesn’t come is because it wasn’t for my highest good 🙏

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Thank you for sharing Judith. Am sorry to hear you’ve been subjected to psychological bullying. Please know that people don’t reject us because of anything to do with us. They reject us because of themselves. Reactively rejecting others (which is different from upholding healthy boundaries and stepping back if someone crosses them) comes from a lack of compassion, a place of judgement, an inability to manage emotions or to communicate from a place of kindness and the desire to understand another’s journey. Nine times out of ten, people are actually rejecting a part of themselves and then projecting that onto us. It’s taken me many years to understand this. That doesn’t mean I don’t take responsibility for my actions and behaviour. I’ve just learned to become discerning about taking on anyone else’s perception of me if I don’t feel it has any merit in reality. And yes, absolutely ~ the ego mind can want so badly for something to manifest, but you’re right, if it isn’t meant to be, there’s a reason for that. Much love to you xxx

  3. Monica Wommack

    I know I was led to your blog because of what is happening in myself – my internal struggle and searching for answers as to what is going on. So many things have come this last year of being in a relationship again after a ten year period of avoiding it. Things that I thought I had “dealt with “ have resurfaced. The relationship I’m in is actually healthy and I want it to work but my need to control showing me there’s more work to do taking off the armour that I also put on in childhood. I’m 72 and thought I had done this however being in a relationship again has uncovered what is still there.

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Monica and glad you’ve found the blog helpful ~ and also that you’re in a lovely, healthy relationship now. It’s worth taking the armour off for the right person. With love, Krissy

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