Blades of Light ~ Clearing the Past & Raising Our Vibrations

Blades of Light ~ Clearing the Past & Raising Our Vibrations

Blades of Light are extremely rare pieces of Quartz found only in Columbia. They come from a similar region as the famous Emerald Mines and location of the Mango Quartz mine. Blades of Light first came onto the market back in 2017, but received very little recognition & were only found in a few specialist shops and places like Glastonbury or Tucson, Arizona.

I find it fascinating that the Earth seems to reveal new tranches of crystals & blends in stages, moving between various countries & continents around the Globe. Over the past decade, we have discovered an amazing amount of new minerals in Madagascar and Africa. Fast forward to today and those new crystals are emerging from Columbia, with most of them having a quality or vibration to them that is higher and clearer than anything we’ve seen/felt before. It’s almost as if Mother Earth is evolving alongside humanity and doing her best to support us on our journey.

What is highly interesting about this Quartz is that it has striations down most of the sides, exactly like the Brazilian Lemurian crystals. So Blades of Light are also being called the ‘Columbian Lemurian Quartz’.  The striations are rare as it takes specific growth conditions to create them, but these can be found on Quartz growths all over the World. They are not exclusive to Brazil as the marketing narrative around Lemurian crystals would portray. To identify a true, Brazilian Lemurian Quartz, both the striations and a faint pink hue must be present.

Blades of Light tend to be straight sided and small, or occasionally laser like or a long pyramid shape. Clusters are extremely rare as they can make a lot more from selling the points individually, which is a huge shame! Miners have to really search for small pockets of these pure Blades, gathering them carefully by hand. It’s why there aren’t a lot of them around as there are three mine locations where they are being found, but that it is in amongst other minerals that are being mined, rather than exclusively looking for Blades of Light.

There are regular Blades (points), many of which have special attributes to them, such as Record Keepers, Windows, Isis Faces and even incredibly rare Dow (7-3-7) crystals. There are also the far rarer Seed crystals. These are identified by being covered in tiny Quartz growths on at least one side and are often found on their own in the ground, as if planted like ‘seeds’. These pieces are hugely expansive, although can be overwhelming for those new to crystals. There are also Self Healed crystals, where the Quartz has been damaged and grown over the damage with extra points and crystal growths. A piece can be a Seed Crystal, a Self Healed Crystal or if really lucky, both! Explanations of many of these special attributes can be found in the menu at the top of the Website under Crystal Formations.

Blades of Light are ridiculously clear and actually seem to emanate light, which at first I thought was a marketing ploy. I quickly realised that no…… most Blades of Light really do seem to radiate an extremely high, very pure energy and light that is visible to the naked eye (try looking at them in natural light from the side of your eyes as you would if looking for an auric field). Others, including myself, have seen white, gold and an icy blue colour when working with them and when they catch a ray of sunlight, rainbow colours explode everywhere! This bright Quartz can be deeply felt by those who are sensitive to energy and are excellent for those working with Light, Sound or DNA Codes.

Blades of Light work on all chakras. They are excellent for clarity on ALL levels, which means physically, they’re great for our adrenal, lymphatic and detox pathway systems (lungs, renal, skin, digestive etc.). They are said to be excellent for raising our vibrations. They help us to identify the next cycle of personal work we need to do (mental, emotional, physical or spiritual) and support us in getting to the core or point of creation of those issues, so we may heal/release them permanently. Blades of Light are brilliant for those consistent lessons, cycles or patterns that keep coming back around again, allowing us to finally nail them!

It is said that the Columbian miners believe that Blades of Light strengthen their immune system as they don’t become ill when mining for them. I have no idea if this statement is true or not, but do know they support the cleansing of our detox pathways and energy system. It would therefore make sense that having a healthier inner terrain would result in less illness.

Columbian Mineral Mine

Blades of Light are also an excellent tool for clearing the mind! They clear brain fog, helping to bring clarity, awareness and a deep receptivity to Universal guidance. My Ego is far quieter when I’m carrying either a Blade or Mango Quartz, so there is something about the frequency of the Quartz coming out of Columbia that really supports clarity of mind and purpose. They also help my energy system in general to allow the solar, planetary and Schumann resonance (Earth’s vibration) energies to pass through my system with ease. I rarely experience a negative response to those energies now, whereas this time last year, I was floored on the days we experienced a solar blast or the Schumann resonance went crazy.

I felt guided to run an experiment with this Quartz, asking the lovely subscribers to my newsletter to join with me in working with a Blade of Light over the past few weeks. The intention was to collectively share the feedback of many, so that others may learn from a variety of personal experiences rather than just my own. The response to join in was incredible. Nearly everyone kept the Blade of Light on them during the day or worked with it consistently. Some also slept with them, with several saying their nightmares eased and brought clarity to their dreams. Many reported that they felt this Quartz is really friendly and supportive and that it doesn’t really like being programmed ~ it wants to work with people rather than for people, so all that is required is to set an intention for ourselves and the Blade draws light into that experience.

Others meditated with them, the results of which are off the chart. So many reported that they were able to clear energy carried over from past lives, down their ancestral line or from past wounds in this lifetime. Blades of Light seem to bring alchemy to our darkness and light, bringing them into a cohesive whole and with that, self acceptance. I was absolutely gobsmacked by the experiences some were having. Please don’t worry if you don’t experience meditations like these as not everyone is visual. I was also reminded to firmly clear quartz before sending it out as one lovely lady, Jackie, had a wonderful meditation experience. It clearly defined people from my own past and felt like a personal reading *facepalm*. Bless you Jackie for your amazing gifts, so sorry I didn’t clear the Quartz of my energy before posting!

I’m delighted to directly quote some of the personal accounts below:

“Used mine during meditation, sleep and amplified crystal healing/ chakra balancing, energising and distant healing. During sleep my dreams have been lucid and vivid, giving me insights into my current and future journey. Meditations have been very powerful and enable instant soul alignment. I have also used it during light code upgrading which was very powerful. It appears to amplify Crystal healings either for myself or during distant healings. It’s my new best buddy and feels completely right for these changing energies. For me, it also feels rather nurturing.” Mandy

“I don’t normally feel anything from crystals, which frustrates me because I love them! But I did feel a connection with my Blade of Light (that I’ve called George!) It might sound strange but it feels ‘friendly’ and quite chilled out. I love looking closely into it and sensing myself amidst the bright white light I can see within it. Even though I dropped it and broke it into 3 pieces, I feel it’s the right thing to continue to work with it and not dismiss it by instantly replacing it.” Tracy

“I fell in love with the crystal as soon as I saw it. I popped it onto the window sill for half an hour in the sun, then I was good to go. First I meditated with it. That was a lovely experience and my mind felt particularly clear and refreshed afterwards. I have kept the crystal with me or under my pillow. I feel more positive and focused. Having been quite ‘lost’ for a while, I now feel I have found my direction, or at least, a slightly better idea of where I might be headed. I think that the crystal has been guiding my thoughts in this. Most of all, my mood has been more positive and even joyful at times! (Quite unusual these days).” Rachel

“I have kept my two beautiful blades of light in my bra every day and by my bedside at night. I can honestly say that I feel empowered by their presence. I have been much more focused and determined to deal with my day and have felt more confident too.  I feel very optimistic and forward looking too. They’ve been amazing companions!” Denise

“So…the Blade of Light! What an incredible little powerhouse she is. As she tumbled out of the bubble wrap into my palm I gasped “wow!” because it was immediately apparent that this crystal definitely falls into the small but mighty category. Immediately, my ears started to ring and I felt boiling hot! The first night she was here, I was very firmly given the message that she does not wish to be programmed. My feeling is that she is a very alchemical crystal, because she has arrived with me as I embark upon a huge time of stepping out of old comfort zones in my professional life (and indeed as the Earth needs us to help her more than ever) I had started that process last year, but things went on hold due to home schooling our son. I’ve never had to promote myself before, so I feel daunted and yet I know that I have to make myself and my offerings more visible because it’s about serving and empowering others. I think it’s no coincidence, therefore, that the Blade of Light came to me when she did. In summary, my notes about her are as follows: “A crystal of potent transmutation, alchemy and accelerated change. Hot flushes, Light Body recalibration, synchronicity“.” Emma

“I haven’t actually had time to consciously sit with my Blade of Light on account of the arrival of my new puppy. However, it is sitting in my living room next to my crystal skulls and I have noticed how I feel much more relaxed and calm since its arrival. So I am confident that it is quietly working in the background for me.” Judith

“One thing I found out very quickly and almost by accident, having left her on my bedside table overnight for safekeeping with her termination pointing toward my head: she’s easily the best crystal I have at banishing the nightmares my medication can bring on. I only had one slightly iffy dream just before the alarm went off this morning and it was nothing like the normal night frights, just spookily unusual. The earlier dreams I had were all very peaceful. I remember one in which I was floating on a cloud through these fantastic crystal formations. The other thing she tells me is, her kind of Quartz are like the guide lasers on a large telescope; but where the guide laser on a telescope helps it keep its position so it can take very long, very accurate deep sky exposures (in the dozens of hours or more), Blades of Light are more of a homing beacon for the astral traveller, shining a guiding light back to Earth and our physical bodies.” Cherry

“I did a meditation with it on Sunday.  Wow, it does feel like a strong crystal.  For me it felt healing by empowering my emotions and I felt supported.  Yesterday I held the crystal and felt more connected to my higher self, gentle and more open hearted.  It’s a mighty little crystal!” Anonymous

With each meditation, there was a shift and spiritual growth. “I am really enjoying this experiment and it is making me take the time to meditate every day. Today I placed the Blade of Light on my third eye. It was very warm from being charged with Reiki. I was suddenly taken to a scene in the Holocaust. I saw a lady who I believe was my mother, being thrown dead into a cart full of bodies. I was a three year old girl then and was herded into a compartment on a train. I was taken with a large group of young children to a gas chamber and died there, choking. I always knew there was something to do with this event in my past, but didn’t know what. My meditation experiences have been much lighter & more intense. I could see things more clearly, so the Blade brought clarity. When working with Past Lives, I got straight to the root cause of a current issue I didn’t fully understand. This crystal has also enabled me to connect with moon energy to use in my crystal grids. It amplified the light in whatever situation I was in. I will be using my Blade a lot in the coming weeks. I need to try it with distance healing too! It’s an all rounder, helping with whatever my intention is.” Jackie

“The feeling I get from this crystal reminds me of the feeling I get when I do one of my favourite activities…going for an early morning swim in the ocean. The Blade of Light makes me feel instantly invigorated, full of positive energy and very clear minded and focused. It’s almost like immersing myself in cold clear water…… I feel cleansed and at the same time totally connected and at one with myself. I find myself thinking clearly, rationally and almost like I’ve had a physical and mental detox! Thank you for introducing me to this gem of a crystal.” Sarah

“First impressions is of how clear and CLEAN this one is. She just radiates Light! I feel like I am walking along a pathway/corridor filled with golden light and am approaching a glowing door. The crystal is becoming very warm in my hand. The internal veils show an image like energies leaving the planet, meeting a butterfly and then going out further and dispersing into the atmosphere. Transformation, I would think.” Lorraine

“I thought you may like to see the pure Frequencies emitted by one of my Blade of Light companions, as you were asking for people’s experiences with these Beings. I was Blessed to record a precious moment that is filled with Light Codes that are so healing to the Soul. The clarity of these crystals is immense and they bring that essence to anyone they choose to work with. The Blade in the video below has such a strong presence/personality and what is most interesting to note is that it is not so much interested in being worn, but simply prefers to emanate its Frequencies out into it’s surroundings in ways such as what is shown in the video – I filmed this back in 2018, almost a year after it first came to me. Early one morning as I walked through my hallway I noticed rainbows all over a wall towards the back of my home. I turned to look for the Source and discovered this Blade, glistening in the sunlight that was just starting to shine through a nearby window where it sat at the opposite side of the house. The intensity of the rainbow was breathtaking.

I work often with Codes of Light and as I watched, I recognised quickly that this was an obvious transmission of pure crystalline Frequencies and so I recorded it for the group I was facilitating at the time.  It is a living transmission and so I suggest simply sitting with the video and allowing the Frequencies to flow through to meet you perfectly where you are.” Michelle

Thank you so much Michelle for allowing me to share the above video ~ the link to the original video & Michelle’s Instagram is Here. And to each and every one of you who joined in to provide such a wide range of different experiences with your Blade of Light. I’m sorry I’ve not been able to quote everyone specifically, there were simply too many to include. Working collectively has been a magical experience for me personally and one that I’ll definitely repeat in the future!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this collective blog and if you’re drawn to a Blade of Light, that you have fun playing with and experimenting as they are simply an incredible energy to work with. There is no doubt that this Quartz raises our vibration in ways that are unique and personal to us. What a gift to have in today’s modern society!

With much love and bright blessings




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