Autumn Energy Report 2018 ~ Laying Foundations & Stepping into our Heart

Autumn Energy Report 2018 ~ Laying Foundations & Stepping into our Heart

Hello and welcome to the Autumn Energy Forecast. 

As I write, the energy Worldwide is shifting with the seasons……….. and it’s bringing some interesting cycles with it that will literally be life changing for some.

The main theme until the end of the year is all about our foundations. Whether the Universe has unexpectedly torn something down on your behalf ~ or you are consciously going through a period of things breaking down in some area of your life, it is all happening in order that we rebuild our foundations on rock solid ground. We will need a clearer mind, open heart and good intuitive connection to Source in order to navigate the next few years so it’s time to truly clear those decks.

The recent Full Moon in Aries ignited our Soul to tackle whatever issues are stopping us from stepping into our power. It was a healing moon that shone a light on the core issues we need to accept, take responsibility for and heal over the next three months. This healing light is focused on the masculine wound or imbalance of energy within us. If you’d like to read more about how different the masculine and feminine are on an energetic level and how those energies can become wounded or knocked out of balance during childhood, please click here.

How has masculine energy wounded you in your lifetime (either intentional such as abuse, or unintentional such as a father figure passing)? What did your system do to cope with that wounding? For many women, they stepped into their masculine energy/traits, shunning the weak & wounded feminine side. For many men, they stepped into the feminine side of their energy/traits for exactly the same reason. It’s left a lot of the world population energetically unbalanced, which the Universe is now giving us the opportunity to rectify. We need to learn the strengths and weaknesses of both sides of those energies and how they work within ourselves in order to walk through the world from a balanced perspective.

Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer and is astrologically active both globally on a general level and specifically in one area in every individual’s life.

For some, our identity is shifting at a super charged rate, for others, the structures that uphold our values, forms of communication, development, career, family life or relationships are being challenged or torn down in order that we rise up from the ashes, born into a stronger, more authentic version of ourselves. For those born with Chiron in Aries in their natal chart in particular, you will transform your life so much over the next few years, you’re not likely to even recognise who you are by the end of 2020. I am one of those people and the thought both excites and scares the hell out of me!

Through healing our own wounds, we will be able to support others in healing theirs too. Through diving deep within ourselves, deeper than we ever have before, we will discover our own unique gifts and power within ~ this healing process gives us the opportunity to bring our human selves into better alignment with our Soul Purpose.

Who doesn’t want some of that lovely alignment? The more aligned we are with our Soul, the happier and more peaceful we will feel. Yes, some of us may have to buckle up, pull our big girl panties on and do some deep work ~ but the rewards for those who do will be immeasurable. Spirit don’t often promise things, but every hair on my body is standing up as I type this and am literally being showered in energy so YES ~ HELL YES to putting in the hard work over the next few years so we may live authentically and in alignment with our purpose.

The coming months are likely to feel like they are on fast forward as we’ve got an accelerated period of growth coming up. The recent Eclipse season was about bringing to the surface deep ancestral, cellular, karmic/past life or family wounds or patterns that are all mired in masculine wounding or energy. Emotions such as anger, fear and aggression are all masculine and we need to look closely at how we detach, express, suppress or distract ourselves from experiencing or facing those wounds and emotions. This year has forced many to go deeper than they ever have before, to identify the core issues that drive their thoughts, behaviour and feelings. We are doing core issue work on a mass scale and that has never happened before. Ascension indeed 😉

All of the above has been about the ‘self’ ~ looking at our self worth, self confidence, self esteem, self awareness, self motivation etc. So in it’s typical fashion that the Universe asks us to focus on ourselves and going inwards ~ then hits us with a 40 day energy cycle focused on relationships

We can navigate this fairly well however if we loosely think of October as a month of Self work ~ examining our relationship with ourselves, with our Higher Self, with our ego, with our guides and the Universe in general. Towards the end of October and moving into November, we can turn to exploring how we now relate to others and to our main relationships.

Anyone born with Chiron in Aries may well be going through personal transformation, which will run in alignment with your relationships transforming simultaneously. So firstly, focus on reconnecting to your own heart in October. You can then approach your relationships from a fully heart centred place towards November ~ relationships that are healthy, supportive and balanced with equal give and take from both sides.

This is a beautiful opportunity to reconnect to our Heart. Many of us may think we’re connected to our heart, but if you’ve got a childhood wound you haven’t dealt with, I would guarantee there are walls around your emotions you may or may not be aware of. Even for those who are highly aware! No level of awareness or age escapes this particular energy. It is asking every single person on the planet to think about what LOVE means to them and how they can connect to it within themselves. We are being asked to go deep and reconnect to our deepest well of emotions so that we can move through the world based on our feelings and intuitive guidance rather than the  mind. The ego mind only cares about keeping us safe, alone, separate and feeling pretty crappy most of the time. Don’t listen to the head ~ LISTEN TO YOUR HEART and TRUST!!

If you’re not sure how to tap into your true, emotional heart space, ask yourself what you didn’t receive in childhood that you so desperately needed? Breath deeply and go with what you FEEL rather than what you think. It may not feel very pleasant, you may need to release some emotion around that, but we need to become aware of what controls us from within. The only way to do that is to allow ourselves to go there and feel it. Then ask yourself ‘How can I give myself that missing childhood element as an adult, in an appropriate and healthy way?’

This 40 day heart cycle, the energy of which is already building now, last impacted our lives in Sept/October 2010. Can you remember what happened in your life at that time? Figure out the area that was impacted on a deeply emotional level for you and you’ll know which area of life it will affect this year.

For example, a friend of mine started a new job ~ it was the job he thought he was meant to do. Eight years later however, he is in a place where that job is no longer fulfilling, but he isn’t sure which career path is best for him now. This cycle will ensure that whatever path that is, it will be heart opening and based on his emotions rather than thoughts. So he will move from doing what he thinks he should, to doing a job that is driven by passion and what he loves.

For me, 2010 was the year I opened my heart again after being single for four years and decided it was safe to want a relationship. I got that relationship and it is amazing, but lately, we’re struggling ~ we both have core wounds and patterns surfacing all over the place. So the fact this cycle will impact my relationship again and open my heart to the next level, literally makes me want to bawl and feel humbled/grateful all at once. Am grumpy at having to do the work, but guess what, am grumpier at being miserable with someone who is amazing because of my own baggage. That is the essence of this cycle ~ do the work we need to do on ourselves and that positive energy will ripple out into all of our relationships.

What is really interesting is there are time periods which will affect certain people on an incredibly deep level ~ you might go a little bit crazy when this energy really kicks in, especially if you’re born:

1981 – 1988 ~ 30-37 year olds ~ you will seek or find that all consuming passion that you would be willing to sacrifice anything for. Be careful not to sacrifice your own integrity or those you love. This could be in the areas of career, self expression, home or relationships depending on your own personal chart. 

1973 – 1977 ~ 41-45 year olds ~ an unexpected change, shift or situation will arise that will crack your heart wide open. This could be a turbulent (not necessarily negative) time for those born in this age range, so ensure you have a good support network around you and people who you trust who can keep you firmly grounded. 

1953 – 1962 ~ 56-65 year olds ~ you will have a deep, instinctual drive to experience an all consuming, soul mate relationship and may even meet a soul mate. Be careful however, soul mates by the Universe’s description are people from our Soul Group who have agreed to be catalyst for change in our life and we are the same for them. They are not likely to remain in your life once that catalytic shift has occurred.

We’re all likely to experience links back in time during the next few months such as thinking of or coming into contact with old lovers, unfinished business around relationships could surface and we will definitely become aware of any patterns that have held us in repeated cycles of unhappy relationships. Try to sit with and FEEL anything that comes up. Anything you’re detaching or distracting yourself from definitely needs to be looked at closely. Anything we ignore now will come back again in 8 years time and I’ve discovered over the years that every cycle gets harder and harder each time we experience it ~ IF we don’t learn the lesson. Honestly, just deal with whatever it is now or it’ll block your path to successful, happy relationships for another 8 years. Ain’t nobody got time for that 😉

The coming few months may be challenging as some folk will go high with all this energy, others very much the opposite depending on how it manifests. We may have to work through some unpleasant emotional sludge, we will have to be brutally honest with ourselves and others and we most certainly need to become fully accountable for our thoughts, behaviour and lives. It’s time to take any rose tinted glasses off, face up to your emotional baggage, clear whatever detachment or distraction behaviours you’ve got going on and truly get in touch with that gorgeous, big, juicy heart of yours.

Honestly, do the hard work over the next two years and by the time 2020 ends, you’ll be loving life, TRULY loving life from the very core of your beautiful, heart centred being.

With love and cosmic sparkles

Krissy xxx


  1. Wonderful insights and inspiring advice. Thank you. I reflected on the past period – September/October 2010 – and really ‘got back’ into that space. Prior to that time, I’d had a pretty turbulent few years and had become averse to settling and committing to permanent work. I’d probably started my spiritual development but wasn’t conscious of it. A permanent job at a place I’d been temping at was offered in 2009. I rejected it out of hand but it came up again a couple of months later and I weighed it up and took it. My freedom would be curtailed but, at the same time, the regular (good) pay would allow me to lay some firm material foundations. Fast forward to September 2010 and it suddenly started feeling too restrictive so I quit. I only had to give a week’s notice so there was no time to think myself out of it. I’d made some good friends there and I knew I’d miss them but I was feeling suffocated. 2 weeks out, a call came through from one of them and I was expecting him to give me good news of a promotion he’d gone for. Well – it was news but not good. There’d been a take over of the company 4 weeks earlier and the new owners had decided to close down the site, putting 12 people out of work. That came from out of the blue – it was a successful company but the new owners just wanted to make as much money as they could. I hadn’t been replaced and there was a backlog of work so I suggested coming back until the end of October to clear it. What I couldn’t have realised was that my time there was to help process the grief that came with the job losses. Those few weeks were tough – it was like being at a funeral that lasted a month. At one point, I picked up a throat infection and lost my voice but that ‘work’ had to be done and I had to get stuck in and do it. It was only several years later when another redundancy happened and I went through the same thing that I understood what was happening energetically. So yes – sometimes the big girl pants have to be pulled on but best to accept it and know it’s the way to growth. (Sorry for the length of this!)

  2. Synchronicity!! – straight after posting the above, I checked my twitter. We’ve got a street theatre spectacular in Liverpool this weekend and I’ve re-tweeted an image to you to do with one of the buses owned by the company I worked for in 2010. We truly do live in a magical universe……!

  3. julie waddington says

    I always really look forward to your forecasts! and this one left me feeling a little bit daunted but also excited! I am feeling so stuck at the minute. Just wanted to take time to thank you x x x x

  4. Anonymous says

    Such powerful words and insights. Absolutely feeling that drive for more love especially from a partner and taking heed of your words on awareness around soulmate pairings. I know there will always be work but I don’t intend to be broken again before I do it. No sir! xxx

  5. Hi Krissy! I love the way you write and it’s amazing to me how right on you are. Thank you

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