Woodbridge Mind Body & Spirit Xmas Event

Woodbridge Mind Body & Spirit Xmas Event

The Woodbridge Mind, Body & Spirit event takes place twice a year.

This is one of the smaller events, but extremely well attended ~ I’d say more so than some of the other, bigger events. The integrity on which Woodbridge MBS is built is the reason why I’ll drive all the way from Yorkshire to Suffolk to exhibit. At nearly every event, the exhibitors, workshop hosts and speakers are changed around. There have been some years clients have begged me to attend, but I completely stand by the organisers efforts to keep this event ever changing, so the energy and integrity is upheld at all times. Some years, it just wasn’t my turn! This ever evolving event means there is a different experience for visitors every time.

Magpies have always been symbolic of magic, change and prosperity to me, despite a lot of people not liking them. The first time I exhibited at this event, on the drive down, there seemed to be magpies everywhere! So I saluted them and muttered ‘good morning Mr Magpie, hows your wife and kids’ (have no idea where that came from, I just always say it?)  Usually when I count magpies, they can indicate earnings, but the amount I saw that day was so ridiculous, there was no way I’d ever earned that much in a day. I’d be lucky to earn that in an entire weekend! Sure enough however, the stand was absolutely mobbed. At the end of the day, with a till full of money and my heart full of so much love and spiritual connection to the beautiful people I’d met ~ I sat on the back steps of the building and cried. It was just overwhelming! There is something magical about Woodbridge.

Woodbridge MBS is full of fabulous, cherry picked therapists, teachers, retailers & readers alongside a wide range of interesting and unusual stands. There are several new therapists there this year that I can’t wait to meet. There are also stage displays, great musicians and free workshops and talks given by national and international facilitators. There is a small seating area and cafe selling reasonably priced, home cooked food with vegetarian options. You will experience a wonderful and interesting day out.

If you’d like more information on the event, please click here.

Love Krissy XXX


  1. Angela says:

    I haven’t been to Woodbridge for over 20 years and I haven’t been to this event, but I thought Woodbridge was a lovely place when I visited. An ex boyfriend lived there. I remember a lovely cake shop!

    • I love that part of the Suffolk coast, really nice. Haven’t been to the cake ship, but the event there is fabulous and they’re having another one first week in April 🙂

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