Special Guest at Gorton Monastery – Vikki Gadd

Special Guest at Gorton Monastery – Vikki Gadd

I’m so excited to welcome Vikki Gadd as a special guest to my stand again at the BSSK Mind, Body & Spirit Event at Gorton Monastery in Manchester on 4th & 5th October 2014.

Vikki and I met quite a few year’s ago through Serendipity Crystals. Whilst sourcing stock, I often come across pieces of crystal that are unusual, high energy or extremely rare and it was time and time again I felt guided to select such pieces only for Vikki to come along and purchase them at the next show. I knew then that Vikki was something special and we finally found the time to get together for a crystal therapy swop in 2013.

WOW – there are no words for how deeply Vikki got into my energy system, the information she knew about my childhood & past experiences was surprising – how can a therapist know that depth of information with no prior knowledge, in such a short space of time?  Afterward, I could feel a fundamental change in my energy system and remember sitting in Vikki’s beautiful therapy room after she’d finished working, watching the wind and rain blow a gale outside whilst I sat within a bubble of warmth, protection and deep, soulful, calm. It was a ‘moment’ for sure!

Vikki has an ability that is rarely seen – she seems able to use crystals to access deeply ingrained past experiences, often things passed down from previous generations or even past lives – and brings them to the fore to be healed and released. Many wonderful therapists have this ability, but not to this depth and with such support from the Spirit world. I had one of those freaky moments just as Vikki was finishing off the therapy, where I felt warm hands gently touch my feet…….then realised it wasn’t Vikki as she was clearly working near my head…… I cracked an eye open and could only see a faint golden light, so closed my eye again and thought ‘la….la….la…….just ignore it, must be OK as it feels nice……la….la….la….’  After 22 years in the business and even though I know how these things work……..it can still REALLY freak me out 😉

Vikki’s existing client list is extensive so she isn’t coming to Gorton because she needs any more clients – its because we both felt so strongly guided to work together and what better place to do it than Gorton Monastery – THE best Mind, Body & Spirit show in the North. Vikki’s talk sold out before the event last year so if you’d like to book a place on her free workshop, make sure to do so by Clicking Here or you might not get a seat. Thats not arrogance, its simply a fact as workshops at the Gorton Monastery show sell out in advance on a regular basis.

Vikki will be holding a brand new workshop this October. This latest crystal workshop will be an interactive quest fest – A festival of questions you have always wanted to ask about crystals and their amazing abilities to energise and harmonise ourselves. Please come armed with great questions and an open mind. This talk will also include mediation, relaxation and fun.

 Vikki will also be carrying out crystal healing taster sessions at my stand, which is positioned in the centre of the Monastery. The taster session slots filled up rapidly last year, so please contact me if you’d like to book in advance. There are only 2 appointments left for Saturday, but plenty on Sunday.  Vikki only charges £15 and the session lasts for 30-45 minutes, so she isn’t able to fit many into a day. Vikki is also the only crystal healing therapist conducting therapies at the show.

photo Vikki Gadd

It would be fab to see you there.
With love and cosmic hugs
Krissy X

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