September Energy Forecast 2016

September Energy Forecast 2016

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Welcome to the September Forecast. I’ve issued it a little bit early this month as we’re already entering the build up of energy to the New Moon Solar Eclipse on 1 September.

Alongside that, Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday 30th August ~ so for those those being affected by either Mercury or the Solar Eclipse, the energy is likely to intensify. This can manifest as anger, irritation, child like behaviour, withdrawal, irregular physical symptoms such as headaches, nausea & fatigue or erratic emotions.

Whatever intensity of energy you’ve experienced during August, this will carry on into September, with the two eclipses having a strong link and impact. September is the last deeply challenging month we have to contend with this year, so it’s best to knuckle down, do whatever transformational work is being asked of us and make decisions on the type of person we want to be and what sort of future we want to live. What methods do we wish to use to achieve our goals? 

It’s a difficult month as on one hand the Eclipse energy is pushing us to move, to change what isn’t working, to transform ourselves, our perceptions and our lives, bringing everything more in line with our authentic personality and purpose for being here.

On the other hand, we have still have seven planets/dwarf planets in retrograde for most of the month, with Mercury turning direct on 22nd and Pluto on 26th ~ this energy is all about slowing down and reviewing different areas our lives. It is time to make the changes that need to be made ~ alternatively, something unexpected could have happened in August or will occur during September that focuses us on an area of life that we didn’t see coming. My advice this month is to make no harsh moves or snap decisions unless there is no other choice.

Control ~ maintaining it or regaining if we lose ourselves a little ~ is going to be vitally important during September as the energy may push us to do or say things we wouldn’t normally do or we may find ourselves slipping back into old, negative patterns of (perceived) safety, support or sabotage.  


New Moon in Virgo ~ Solar Eclipse ~ 1st September @ 10.03am GMT

This is an incredibly important eclipse on both a personal and global level. Globally, it is overseeing the presidential election in America and the Labour Party election here in the UK. My advice on either is not to be apathetic if you have the right to vote as huge ‘change’ is in the air and we have the opportunity to be a part of that change. Step outside the media circus, do your own research and vote with your gut. If you’re sensitive or empathic, I’d suggest avoiding the news and media as much as possible this month as the energy is going to be very much about scaring the general public and painting pictures of doom & gloom!

Remember, most of what they say is just guess work ~ they cannot tell the future, but together we can all create it. 

On a personal level, there are some challenging energies around this Solar Eclipse that could trigger things such as confusion, deception, insecurity, unrealised reality checks, feeling victimised, depression, weighed down by responsibilities, anger, resentment,  aggression or fear.  Lovely ~ just what we all need to hear 😉

However, despite all the doom & gloom associated with this Solar Eclipse, if we can focus on doing physical work or tackling a creative project of some kind, then we can literally use this to stick our heads down and come up after the worst has blown over.  If the Eclipse energy is affecting you, you’re going to know it or will see it in the behaviour/moods of others around you so there will be no sticking our heads down in avoidance, it’s just a good way to channel so much chaotic energy without becoming overwhelmed by it. I am struggling to meditate with all this energy around, so literally digging earth in the garden or undertaking a physical job is the only thing providing a firm focus at the moment.

We must stay as positively focused as we can, acknowledging when fear or insecurity raises it’s head, but not allowing it to control us. Keep focusing on the positive plans of moving forward. Even if we can’t take action yet, we can still keep using our powers of visualisation and manifestation to build our dream.  After this eclipse phase is finished, there is a brighter, more stable cycle starting which will carry us into a more enjoyable 2017. September is a month of resolution and completion (quite probably karmic, but not necessarily) so remember that whatever endings or shifts this month brings, it will be taking you to somewhere much better.

This eclipse links to the next, so whatever fears are brought up now, we will have the opportunity to fine tune things, particularly concerning our emotions and relationships, during the Full Moon eclipse. Any issues that come up now will be a work in progress well into early 2017.

For the technical details such as time, date & viewing of the Solar Eclipse in your own time zone, please Click Here.

Full Moon in Pisces ~ Lunar Eclipse ~ 16th September @ 20.05pm GMT

This is another tricky eclipse that will stoke anger, confusion, erratic emotions and black/white thinking.  It is likely to trigger our defence mechanisms and inner child~ish ness, particularly if a wound from the past is touched upon.

The whole point of this month is to learn how to redirect our feelings, thoughts and actions toward something more loving and to find creative solutions to whatever issues we are facing. Dare to step outside the box and try something, anything different ~ whilst remembering to be tolerant of both yourself and others!

Look at what makes you feel threatened at this time. It will be a huge indicator to the main or underlying theme of whatever you are experiencing.  Towards the end of September, we move into a much more harmonious energy ~ but first we have to note and address where there is disharmony, before we are able to move forward. Use this time to release resentment, guilt and anything weighing you down emotionally.  Be prepared to talk….and more importantly, to listen.  The state of our relationships cannot help but change given the current energy cycles ~ so be open, be flexible and stay focused on where you want to be, not where you are right now.

Again, process this energy by doing something physical, whether a  job, project or simply going to the gym. It will really ground any excess and irritable energy.  If these eclipses are affecting you, make sure you create some time and space for yourself to just ‘be’ and acknowledge whatever emotional state you are in.

Denying our emotions at this time is likely to drag them along with us for the next few months so I cannot stress enough how important it to get any suppressed feelings, emotions, stuff from the past and even bubbling new creative ideas out in the open. The energies coming later in the year will poke, prod and test us to see how we’re doing, so anything that is suppressed will come up again….and again….and again. I find this process so irritating, that am now catching myself after something has been prodded a few times and dealing with it.

For the technical details such as time, date & viewing in your own time zone, please Click Here.

New Moon in Libra ~ 30th September/1st October (depending on time zone)

I’ll cover this New Moon in next month’s Forecast.


September Summary

  • 1st – 9th

Solar Eclipse on 1/2 will trigger shifts for many

  • 10th – 17th

The most difficult days of the month ~ irritable, challenging, aggressive energies designed to challenge us on multiple levels.

  • 18th – 24th

Relationships or life in general may feel unstable as we process the eclipse effects, but there is some lovely energy around to help us heal and come up with solutions. 22nd is the Autumn Equinox & Mercury turns direct.

  • 25th – 30th

An easier week in which we’ll still be processing what has happened so far this month. Pluto is direct 26th. New Moon on 30th brings new ideas & enthusiasm, but also a challenge to integrate those ideas and work with others.

There are no meteor showers in September. The Sun has also been very quiet lately, for which I am grateful as solar energy on top of what we’re already processing would just be mean! 😉

Hold tight. This month might feel like a bit of a roller coaster, but it is a time we will look back on and remember as being pivotal for change in our lives.

With lots of love & cosmic cuddles

Krissy XXX


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