September Energy Forecast

September Energy Forecast

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The energy of yesterday’s Full Moon in Pisces was really strong. At it’s highest level, the energy opened a doorway to allow our spiritual beliefs and practices to become more open & integrated into our day-to-day lives.

For those affected, it will have heightened both our intuition and our emotional capacity to feel, expanding our awareness. For those who are less aware, but affected by the energy anyway…….it may have been quite an emotional day ~ whether they were good emotions or challenging ones depends on each individual. I personally found the day quite tiring.

At the same time, we were bathed in a huge stream of solar wind, flowing from a large coronal hole on the sun. It was strong enough to spark a geomagnetic storm, which is an energy that tends to trigger anything lying just under the surface of us as human beings. An interesting weekend all round energy wise!

Can you remember back to April this year? What changes happened in your life then? Are you still following a a similar theme or have the recent energy shifts started to bring up new things to process?

Looking back, I can see how April triggered and set in motion things (that on an energetic level), are now coming to a head in September. If you have a sense of pressure building or a feeling that something is going to happen, you’re sensing the build up of energy that is here to facilitate change. This starts on September 13th with the Partial Solar Eclipse, but it may not be until November that we’ll be able to look back and clearly see the cycles and patterns we’ve been working with in 2015 and when the trigger points were during the year. Although this current wave of transformational energy builds and peaks in September, it probably won’t be until October that the real changes manifest.

Some will welcome these changes with open arms, others will fight them every step of the way. Change will, however, happen regardless so I prefer to choose the side of truth and awareness, however vulnerable, uncomfortable or grumpy is makes me feel. I mean, let’s face it, we’ve been on a massive cycle of clearing, learning, healing and growing for years now it seems…… constant change seems to have become second nature 😉

Everything in our lives moves in cycles. We are currently moving within a large, four year cycle that is likely to last through to 2017. However, within that time frame, there are smaller cycles or issues that usually work themselves out over either a 3 or 6 month period.

The large cycle is the core issue ~ it could be something along the lines of trust, integrity, security, service, faith, survival or something else that is deeply meaningful to us. The smaller cycles/issues could be relationship issues, job issues, friendship, home, health or money issues ~ these things will crop up and we’ll move through them, but they all link back and feed into the core issue. These smaller challenges are designed to get us thinking about, analysing, working through or processing whatever needs to be healed/cleansed/cleared or learned in relation to the core issue.

If you look at things carefully, there is a theme to all of the challenges and growth you’ve faced over the past few years. If you can look back and remember all of the different experiences you’ve had since 2013, you’ll begin to see how these 3 or 6 month cycles sit under the larger umbrella of your core issue. 


The New Moon this month is in Virgo on September 13th, exact at 07.41 GMT.  This New Moon is a Partial Solar Eclipse that will only be visible in South Africa, India and Antarctica. The energy of these eclipses will be felt worldwide however and this is the first trigger point for change this month. Pay attention to the forces in your life that are pushing you toward a brighter future. Try not to resist change this month. Step outside of any drama and make sure you’re grounded, centred, calm and fully in your responsible, adult self. Then take a look at what is shifting and changing. How does it relate to the core issue/theme mentioned above. If we can see where the root of change is, it is often much easier to accept.

The energy of this Eclipse occurring in Virgo will cause us to be quite critical and defensive of new beginnings as we are not in control of them for the time being. The more dramatic or difficult our situations are, the more we resist them, the harder this two week period from 13th-28th of September will be. So be open to whatever happens ~ any challenges/changes are taking us exactly where we want to go, even if we can’t see it at the time.

The Full Moon is in Aries on September 28th, exact at 03.50 GMT. This Full Super Moon is a Total Lunar Eclipse that will be visible in Asia, Australia, the Pacific and the Americas. The Eclipse will last a total of 3hrs and 20 minutes and be total for 1hr and 12 minutes of that time.  This Full Moon/Eclipse is all about releasing the past and motivating us to move forward. It is likely to be quite an emotional time and we may be looking quite closely at our relationships. The key during this time is to free yourself from anything that is holding you back and not allowing you to be yourself. Even if you love it, even if you feel you need it, let it go.

It is OK to think of and focus on ourselves every now and again. So many of us feel selfish if we put ourselves first, particularly if we have family or work responsibilities. This Full Moon, however, is illuminating our own, personal needs as individuals and we must learn that even in relationships, within a family unit or a work team, sometimes is it all about ‘me’ and not about ‘us’ and that is OK. Let your light shine. 

There are no meteor showers in September, which is a good thing as I think we have enough to contend with given the turbulent, but ultimately liberating energies this month.

Love and the brightest of blessings

Krissy XXX

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