This is a stunning, double terminated piece of the incredibly rare Stellar Beam Calcite. The energy is sublime and powerful! I’ve tried to hard to keep this piece, but have been told by upstairs that it’s not mine. Every time I’ve tried to ‘leave’ it behind, I’ve been nagged and nagged to take it to events with me. Someone is going to gain a fantastic spiritual tool and crystal friend with this beautiful piece. It literally glows and has some amazing rainbows and things to see inside it ~ I got lost for about five minutes just looking into it. Not sure where I went, but it made me smile 🙂 This piece is rough, straight as it comes out of the ground and completely pure with only one tiny piece of base rock attached from where it grew.

Stellar Beam Calcite is said to stimulate and affect all 12 chakras, particularly the soul star & solar plexus.  On a physical level, it is said to aid the stomach, digestive and fertility systems.  It is a strong, spiritual, ascension crystal that raises our vibrations, but without making us feel nervy/edgy. Stellar Beam Calcite facilitates a powerful connection to higher beings, excellent for manifestation, confidence and creativity. Keeps us strongly linked to our soul’s purpose in life & assists us in persevering during times of challenge. Extremely strong energy, can be a little mind blowing or overwhelming when first working with it, but then facilitates the most amazing meditations! For visionaries, it brings excellent information through dreaming.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 7.5cm long (75mm) x 4.5cm wide (35mm). Apologies for the slightly higher postage, but this is a chunky, hand held sized piece that must be posted as a small parcel.


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