Gorgeous, polished piece of solid, natural Red Jasper. This piece feels to big to pop in a pocket, but is a great size and energy.

Red Jasper refers to the reddish variation of brecciated jasper. It is a stone of protection and strength.

Red Jasper promotes fairness and justice. It is also said to aid with dream work and enhance dream recall. Red Jasper has a nurturing and stabilizing effect and can help us use our energy in a more balanced way. Red Jasper also brings joy into life, acting like adrenaline, waking up and energizing areas of the body & encouraging a deep, rooted connection with life and of the earth. It inspires a positive, joyful attitude.

Approx 4.6cm (46mm) long X 1.8cm (18mm) wide. You will receive the crystal in the photograph.



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