A beautiful little polished piece of the rare Pink Petalite. This a lovely little piece with some gemmy inclusions that would easily fit in a pocket or crystal cage.

It’s annoying that pink Petalite is so expensive when it’s one of the best crystals to support those who are undergoing treatment for serious illnesses! These are small pieces, but they have a huge heart & emotionally supportive energy, so huge pieces aren’t actually required.

Holistically, Petalite can be used for ADHD, ADD, excessive worry or stress. Petalite is rare, but is recommended for cancer, particularly breast cancer. No crystal can claim to help the physical aspects of cancer, but it soothes the emotions and helps the heart stay strong throughout the experience. It takes one from the ego mind to heart centred consciousness and aids acceptance. Excellent meditation tool. Heals emotional trauma, particularly from bullying or abuse suffered in childhood.

Approx 1.7cm (17mm) long X 2cm (20mm) wide – you will receive the crystal in the photograph.


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