A gorgeous, soothing piece of Pink Girasol. Girasol is also called Blue Opal or Moon Opal, although it is not actually an opal. It is very rare to find it in this luscious pink and this piece is medium sized, long in shape and feels very tactile to hold.

On a physical level, Pink Girasol is said to ease the symptoms of diabetes, aiding better blood sugar balance, boosting our immune system and easing the effects of CFS (Chronic Fatigue). Girasol brings clarity, is good for dreaming, visionary work and directing energy such as reiki or distant healing. Pink Girasol aids self expression, connects powerfully to goddess energy and is an excellent crystal to use when wanting to heal the self on a physical or emotional level. It opens our heart and allows us to feel safe and supported whilst doing so. Particularly helpful after we’ve been hurt emotionally or if we’re struggling to balance emotions.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 4cm long (40mm) X 1.8cm wide (18mm).


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