This a stunning, natural Green Kyanite cluster pendant with a beautiful, shimmery feel and look to it. It is rough, straight as it comes out of the ground and completely open at the back. The colour and vibrancy of this piece is amazing ~ I knew it would be expensive, but it was worth it for what I can only describe as elemental, nature or faerie energy ~ it literally takes me to flowers and gardens when I close my eyes, so heady I can almost smell the bloom. It’s a powerful, large piece and the first time I’ve seen a high quality Green Kyanite cluster set in silver like this.

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I find Green Kyanite to be a deeply healing crystal, connecting to Nature, the nature elementals and Arch Angel Raphael. Green Kyanite creates a bridge between oneself and the energies of Nature. Helps one to feel the ever-moving flow of balance, the life force of the Universe. Connects one to the truth of the heart and allows us to see through the veils of illusion and dishonesty. A great crystal to use when working with one’s shadow self or ego. It soothes the circulatory system and heart, lowering blood pressure.

Approx size: 4.2cm (42cm) long X 2.7cm (27mm) wide – You will receive the pendant in the photograph. Apologies for the slightly higher postage, but this piece is large and will have to be posted in a box to protect it.


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