This is a very rare find indeed! A stunning, vivid pink piece of polished Morganite with sparkle, rainbows and sublime energy! It is jewellery grade, so the highest we can find without it becoming translusent and the 0000’s being added on to the price. The energy really filled my heart with joy and eased a congested chest. I’ve kept a piece for myself to pop in my bra as it really evokes the loving, compassionate side of myself. It’s pricey due to the high grade, but well worth it and has a deeper depth of pink colour in reality as the flash washes some of the colour out when taking pics. It is an expensive crystal, so if you find you don’t like the colour (which is brighter in reality) or energy when you see/feel it, simply send it back 🙂

Morganite is pale pink Beryl (pink Emerald).  It is known both as an angel stone and heart stone. It can bring love to one’s live or rekindle old love. Morganite brings compassion, empathy, self-control, and patience. It can also balance emotions and ease the pain of separation.  Physically, Morganite is used for healing emphysema, tuberculosis, heart disease, breathing problems, and throat problems. Morganite is associated primarily with the heart chakra, and can open, balance

Approx 1.6cm (16mm) long X 1.5cm (15mm) wide. You will receive the crystal in the photograph.


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