Labradorite Pendant ~ HUGE!!

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A really gorgeous, unique, Labradorite pendant set in thick Sterling Silver. It is SO hard to capture the true colour of Labradorite flash. This piece is a vivid, royal blue with paler blue, pinks, greens and golds in the bottom left hand corner that looks dark on the pics. There is flash over the whole pendant, even where it curves at the bottom, it’s just impossible to photograph! This is a huge pendant, a real bling piece, I just couldn’t resist it’s sparkle and flash!! I’ve discounted it as much as possible.

This piece has a lovely energy & comes from Madagascar rather than the more commonly found Canadian or South American Labradorite. Labradorite is a magical, protective crystal. It enhances psychic abilities & increases one”s capacity to visualise. Can show the patterns that have created illness and help to release them, amplifying healing thoughts and prayers. This crystal draws you along your spiritual path, but in a fun, magical way. It alleviates stress and is said to lower blood pressure.

You will receive the pendant in the photograph. Approx 6.5 cm long (65mm)  X 4.5 cm wide (45mm)



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