This is an absolutely amazing piece of Dog Tooth Calcite! It’s so rare to find these days and such a funky, cool looking crystals. Like a big spiky hedgehog 🙂 This is a large piece, I need two hands to hold it.

Dog Tooth Calcite is said to eases nerves, stress and anxiety on a physical level. It calms and centres us, providing strong energy through our core and Solar Plexus. Dog Tooth Calcite is an energy amplifier that clears and activates all chakras. It enhances our connection to Mother Earth and aids us in connecting at a higher spiritual level from a place of grounding and stability. Said to bring clarity and insight into situations, removing reasons for conflict or friction as it ‘clears the air’. Calcite in general is one of my favourite under rated crystals ~ it’s ability to support and comfort during times of comfort or trauma is wonderful.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 9.5cm (95mm) high X 8.3cm (83mm) wide. This must be sent in a proper packaging box due to it’s size and weight, so apologies for the higher postage. If it arrives and has cost less to post, please let me know so I can refund the difference immediately. Thank you 🙂


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