A beautiful, gentle little Amethyst Angel pendant.

Amethyst clears the energy in many systems including endocrine, metabolism & immune. Good for addictions. Hightens intuition & provides spiritual protection as well as protection from televisions/computers/electro magnetics.  Many are drawn to Amethyst at the start of their spiritual journey or if we need to be brought back onto our path again. Amethyst keeps us moving forward.

Many books state that Amethyst is good for sleep. However, those books were written in the 70s and 80s – since that time, there is so much more electro magnetic energy in the air. Amethyst absorbs electromagnetics like a sponge, so I really wouldn’t recommend sleeping with it – hence it is no longer the best stone to use for nightmares. Consider Howlite for sleep/nightmares instead.

Approx 1.8 cm wide X 2.5 cm long – you will receive the pendant in the photograph.




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