Spiritual Development and YOU

Spiritual Development and YOU

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I’ve written a few blogs in the past about the difference between Personal development and Spiritual development and why we cannot achieve one without the other.  Every one of us spiritually minded folk are eager to evolve and learn about, strengthen or improve our intuitive gifts (which we ALL have…..each of us is different, but we all have an ability of some form)…..  what most of us don’t realise is that we have to work on our Personal lives first in order for our Spiritual energy to expand enough for us to learn/grow/evolve more. The most effective way of referring to this is ‘Raising Our Vibrations’.

Human beings resonate at a low frequency. Simple things such as eating a meal, being inebriated, falling ill or having personal issues…..all of these things and many others can lower our vibrations even further. This is perfectly natural ~ I have to eat something after working on a spiritual level to bring my vibrations back down to a more manageable, everyday working level (most folk call this ‘grounding’). 

The higher we vibrate, the better we can work on an intuitive level. It really is that simple. (Please Click Here for Part 1 on Spiritual Development and Click Here for Part 2).

Things that might hold us back from developing spiritually are:

  1. Childhood trauma that has not been addressed such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, an accident or death of a close family member
  2. Childhood wounds that have not been healed such as being derided, scorned, put down or not supported enough emotionally
  3. Negative behavioural patterns that do not serve whom we have become as adults. These are usually patterns that have been placed on us by our upbringing. They could be negative patterns such as an inability to express anger in a healthy way, being addicted to something or closed down, defensive or repressed around true intimacy or our physical bodies. Not all patterns are due to parents doing something wrong either….there are a lot of patterns that are simple and feel so right, such as feeling responsible for the whole family and therefore never feeding your own spirit or being reluctant to try something new or different due to a parent being a worrier or struggling with sexuality as it was seen as ‘dirty’ or ‘not talked about’ as we were brought up. If something is holding us back in any way from becoming all that we are…..or there is an inner, niggling feeling that there is more out there or something just isn’t right ~ then it is usually a pattern holding us back.
  4. Not all wounds occur in childhood either. They can occur at any point in life, particularly as we mature and begin having our own relationships. Dishonesty, betrayal, bitterness, inactivity, boredom ~ all of these things are triggers that can lodge in our system and prevent us from moving forward.


I put an offer out last year for a large discount on the Personal & Spiritual Development days I hold for people in my own home (or theirs) and bookings went crazy! It showed me just how stuck or without direction many people are. Part of my intuitive gift is knowing exactly where work needs to be done in order to move a client forward, to loosen up their energy, to raise their awareness levels and bring more joy, happiness and satisfaction into life.

I can’t afford to put out that same offer again as Personal & Spiritual Development days take up so much time beforehand in investigating a client’s personal astrology and energy system. Afterwards it then takes another day to put together a large folder of information that covers everything that was spoken about on the day as well as providing accurate forecasts for the years ahead, which is then couriered on to the client for them to use as a working tool for the year to come. I have to clear three working days per Spiritual Development Day.

These days aren’t a walk in the park either….there are four main sections (tarot, astrology, psychology & crystals and intuitive experimentation). Its a lot of information and requires folk to really dig deep ~ but together, we can achieve in one day & at a reasonable price what many people undertake in expensive courses that last months. I have lovely clients that travel up from London as what I charge in a day, they’re charged the same for an HOUR in London! (yes, I did consider moving) 😉

I prefer to work hard for one day, know where I am, know where I’d like to be at the end of the year and know how to get there in a simple, easy to understand way.

A Spiritual development day ALSO releases the need to have constant readings throughout the year for guidance….some clients have done so and reported back that it was a waste of money as they were told the same things we’d already gone through on our personal development day! I mix a healthy blend of science, intuition and fun so although we buckle down and dive deep, its all very laid back with a healthy dose of humor! I can’t do the work for you, but I can support you along the way to doing things for yourself.

The offer I can afford to make for the first quarter (1 Jan-31 Mar) of 2014 is a discount of £15 (approx 12%).  If you’d like detailed information of just how much the day encompasses, then please Click Here. If you’d like to talk to any of my clients whom have experienced a day with me, then that can be arranged too 🙂  Often things like this can seem scary or daunting, but if you’ve ever met me…..you’ll know I walk my talk and know my stuff, but in a supportive, humorous, relaxing way……. some might even say…..I’m a complete muppet at times… 😉 I can’t be doing with folk that take themselves too seriously and forget to bring humor and joy into the spiritual work that we do.

A Spiritual Development day can be carried out via Skype if you do not live in the UK and if being held via Skype, can also be broken down into two hour sessions held over three days or whatever suits your schedule. All days are tailored to the client’s specific circumstances as some people have more awareness or knowledge of, for example, astrology or crystals….in which case, we focus on and incorporate something else 🙂 MANIFESTATION seems to be a key word at the moment, so am happy to swop one of the sections and do something more creative if thats how you roll……for example, working with you to create your own Manifestation Board and teaching you how to PROPERLY work on raising your vibration and manifesting the things you want in life.

Belief simply isn’t enough any more. We all have to do the work to support our beliefs. I can also work out a payment schedule if needed, please just drop me a line and ask ~ money isn’t my primary motivation and therefore shouldn’t be your primary concern 🙂

Personal Development is incredibly important ~ without it, we can’t evolve spiritually. FACT.

Much love and cosmic cuddles



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