October Energy Forecast 2016

October Energy Forecast 2016

Hello and Welcome to the Monthly Energy Forecast for October 🙂

How did the summer treat you? Pause! Actually think about that question before reading on.

For some, they have been stripped back to bare basics on one or more levels and are currently midway through this transformation process.  Examples of this would be:

  • Relationships ~ for some there is a permanent breakdown/parting as this chapter comes to an end in their lives. For others a break down has occurred in order to build something more solid, more true for each person.
  • Work ~ usually a loss of or change in job. This rattles most people as it’s a loss of income & therefore financial stability. The major lesson in financial challenges at this time is to rise above fear or poverty consciousness and to take action, particularly if that action is something unusual or outside of the norm.
  • Moving Home ~ some willingly, some not. This is about a shift in energy and reflects the next stage of your identity development so where ever you end up, you are exactly where you are meant to be.
  • Health ~ experiencing ill health this year is about going deeper ~ delving into the spiritual or core reason disease might manifest somewhere in the body. We are being asked to look at illness from a holistic perspective (ie. treating the whole person, the entire illness in body, mind and soul rather than just the physical symptoms).
  • Ending of Cycles ~ this can literally mean the passing of those close to us or an end of a cycle of learning we have experienced repeatedly during our lives. The key is that it has a transformational impact on our life

For others, they have had a repeated ‘wounding’ pattern come up again and again ~ even if we think we’ve dealt with an issue, this year, it seems to keep raising it’s head in other ways. This indicates we are now at a stage of fine tuning. We are coming into a new awareness of our wounds and exploring them in order to release the power that healing and acceptance brings. We’ve most likely had to come from the issue from an entirely different perspective in order for that mental ‘ah ha’ moment or click to occur. If you’ve managed to get away with a lovely September full of positive things and no challenges……fantastic!! Can I come and live with you for a few months please? 😉

With Mercury and Pluto recently turning direct, this means some of the pressure that has been holding us back or testing us has eased.  There are now only three major planets in retrograde: Uranus, Neptune & Chiron, so unexpected things may still occur, they’re likely to have a spiritual element to them or at least give us the ability to gain a higher awareness/understanding and we are still working with the wounded parts of ourselves ~ the karmic wound we have carried our entire lifetime.

The key word for this month is TRUTH.  What is your truth? Are you speaking it? Are you walking your talk? Are others around you? We begin the month of October on a New Moon.

New Moon in Libra

30 September/1 October 2016 @ 01.12am GMT

This New Moon is causing ructions, because some are considering it a Black Moon (the name given to a 2nd New Moon that occurs in one lunar month).  In America for example, some say it is a Black Moon as it is exact at 20.13 on 30 September, making it the 2nd New Moon in September on that side of the globe.  For the UK however, it is a normal New Moon as it is exact at 1.12am on 1st October. To be absolutely precise, to be considered a true Black Moon, the New Moon must end it’s cycle in the same month Worldwide. We cannot have half a Black Moon ~ so the qualified astrologers and astronomers confirm that there is no Black Moon in September, it is in October.  At the end of October, we all experience a true Black Moon. Anything else is simply social media hype encouragmg people to share false information.

This is quite a nice New Moon, with opportunities for new ideas to surface ~ for growth, creativity and manifestation. The key to harnessing this energy is to be absolutely sure that your motivations are 100% in alignment with your truth. The energy this week is trying to buoy us so that we have the determination to take action on our goals. Ensure you get some quiet time to listen to that intuitive inner voice inside you. There are a lot of conflicting energies in the air, so stepping away from the opinions and agendas of others and seeking our own truth is paramount. It is not selfish to care for ourselves and give ourselves a little bit of space to review.

There is likely to be some conflict or tension arise during the first week of October. This energy is designed to propel us out of victim mode or blaming others for the reality of our lives. There may be power struggles, but the objective is to rise above it all ~ take a good look at the entire situation from a much higher, alternative or widened perspective.  Use empathy, put yourself in someone else’s shoes and detach from any emotion or drama that is causing confusion. This allows us to contemplate ideas, solutions or choices from a balanced state of being that isn’t influenced by our inner child, our wounds, our negative emotions or other people.

The second week in October brings a lot of Mercury action, so we’ll be looking at new ideas and perhaps new ways of communicating them. The key to harnessing the energy of this week is to be open minded and to speak our truth from a calm place. Do not suppress anything you feel the need to talk about. Trust that the process will lead to a new understanding of yourself and others.


Full Moon in Aries ~ 16 October 2016 @ 05.23am GMT

This full moon is the first of three Full Super Moons coming over the next three months, just to intensify the energy a little bit more (arrggghh!!). This Full Moon is a tricky one as it brings new information to light that may surprise or shock us. If this is the case for you, remember to step back and give yourself some time and space to process things. First from a human point of view, then from a higher, spiritual perspective. We are being asked and are being given energies this year that poke and prod us, waking us up or making us shift gear ~ closely followed by an energy that allows us to rise above, to review and reflect from different angles. It gives life a little bit of a turbulent, fast, roller coaster feeling ~ but if we pay close attention, we can see the energetic cycles playing out in our lives and work with them.

The third week in October is likely to feel motivational, but quite possibly irritating too. If we are taking action on our goals, there will be nothing holding us back, but the speed of things may make us irritable and less inclined to tolerate anything or anyone standing in our way. In particular, the 19th & 20th hold a lot of erratic energy (mainly around communication) and we would do well to stay calm, remain focused and keep on using detachment to rise above emotion so we can see things clearly and respond from a mature place of strength.

The last week in October is a bit erratic again, the focus bouncing back and forth between our thoughts, ideas & communication and our feelings and emotional states. The end of this week brings some light and fresh energy, particularly if we’ve been working with our shadow self, our darker aspects or our wounds.

This month brings new information, new knowledge of ourselves and new ideas. We may battle a little communicating or hashing out this new information with others. Be patient as it may take awhile to integrate everything ~ particularly if situations have occurred unexpectedly. By the end of the month however, we should have a much clearer idea of who we are and what we need, based on solid truth.

New Moon in Scorpio ~ 30 October 2016 @ 18.38pm GMT

This New Moon is also called the Black Moon because it is the second, complete (in all time zones) New Moon in a lunar month. Scorpio is quite an emotionally intense sign. It is a time to use compassion and understanding to take us forward. We do not have to fight for what we want ~ after all, what we resist persists. We simply have to state it in a clear, calm manner from a place of certainty and it will be heard. This New Moon in particular may throw up some conflict between the masculine and the feminine. This can manifest literally within male/female relationships or it can even be how we assert the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves in the world.

How do we communicate our intuitive knowing, our empathy and compassion? How do we communicate our desires, our ambitions, our ideas and our passion? There is power in emotions we may feel uncomfortable with, so if your emotions are stoked this particular weekend, again, rise above it. What is the main emotional theme? Is it anger, belief, desire, frustration, love or something else? How would the masculine express that emotion ~ how would the feminine express it? Where is the power in those two aspects of yourself and is there a more balanced state that brings in and blends the energy of both together? For those who work with energy on a conscious level, the last weekend in October offers some amazing ability to work with these two different energetic streams and gain great insight from them.


If you are looking to set up crystal grids, work on manifestation or want to bathe crystals under the energy of the Full or New Moons, trust your intuition this month. Don’t do things on automatic because that’s what you always do ~ tune in to your own energy, your own feelings and trust them. They’ll let you know whether to do any of the aforementioned work or if your crystals need bathing. Some people will adore these lunar energies regardless of what is going on in their human lives. Others may be too mired in their human lives to remember to Moon bathe or set up grids etc. and that is fine. Go with the flow as what feels right to you IS right for you.

October is a month of TRUTH and RECALIBRATION. It is a month to rise above emotional states IF they are preventing you from seeing things clearly. Tuning into our feelings on a daily basis is important to guide us, but this month we are also being asked to make the logical mind work FOR us. Use your mental energy to plan, to go over ideas, to research, to focus on your goals, to take action. Let go of ideas, things or people that aren’t bringing you what you need. Be open to new information surfacing that allows you to come from a more knowledgeable or confident state of being ~ one that is in alignment with who you truly are. Work on detachment, on rising above and seeing the bigger picture of any situations causing discord (Click Here to read my blog on Detachment & Witnessing).

Prioritise, get some structure in place, be disciplined ~ these simple acts support us in becoming more stable. Do one thing at a time from a grounded state of being and do it to the best of your ability. Multi tasking is handy sometimes, but the quality of what we do is what is most important this year ~ doing too much scatters our energy, tiring us out and making everything else a lot harder to process. We are building stronger foundations and that requires a little bit more time, patience and focus than usual.

I do feel the energy is going to be easier to process this month if we remain aware, but there are still ongoing, unexpected situations that will occur.  I don’t want to say it’ll be easier, as for many, a continuing theme and energy similar to the last few months has been anything but easy! However, there should be less intensity and more moments of clarity. 

If you’ve found this year a challenge or transformational, make sure you give yourself a break. It is a lot to process ~ if you’ve gained awareness through your experiences this year, then you’re doing incredibly well!! Remember to love and take care of yourself. If your mind or emotions give in one day, that is absolutely fine. We are only human and are bound to get tired, angry, overly emotional, tearful, confused, overwhelmed or feel sorry for ourselves at times.

Give yourself whatever you need at that point ~ a massage, a walk, a hug, a good heart to heart, to be alone, a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, a night on the town, sleep, to disappear into a book or TV program…………… whatever it is, it is 100% fine. Just make sure you enter that space consciously and also consciously choose to step out of it again. Keep going, keep moving forwards. The work we do now has a huge impact on our lives in seven years time ~ hence the advice to be honest and do the hard work now, for we are currently building the foundations of a beautiful future. 

With love and brightest of blessings

Krissy XXX


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  2. Appreciate and agree with you about September!! And a butterfly has just come up against the window, as I write this.So even more transformation on the cards!
    We never did get to meet while I lived in Yorkshire, and now ‘surprise’ I live in Suffolk.,
    from 1st September! A retreat is being organised here in November too!

    All sacred power to you…keep sharing the insights !
    Ann MB formally doncaster
    Diamond Consultancy

    • Thanks so much Ann. A retreat sound wonderful!! Suffolk eh? Not a bad place to live at all….how strange I moved from Norfolk. There seems much swappage between East Anglia and Yorkshire….LOL Take care Ann, much love xx

  3. Lisa Richards says:

    I’ve dug out my big girl panties and added braces for extra support! So far September has been my worst month of 2016 – Ticked so many of the boxes you wrote about. (Jeez when I thought it couldn’t get harder it did) Hardest thing is letting go of things that made you happy! Or detaching while they slip through your fingers. While I may have my big girl panties on I will most certainly try to approach October in a child like wide eyed manner and if I struggle with detaching from the shitstorm which is my life at the moment I will fake it till I make it! Love you lady, always grateful for your words of wisdom xxx

    • You’re most welcome sweetie. It’s just hard generally this year, although am so grateful it hasn’t been devastating like it has for some. October is proving to be OK ~ just wish things would slow down a little as I reallllllly need a break…LOL xxxx

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