October Energy Forecast 2015

October Energy Forecast 2015

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Apologies for the late arrival of the energy forecast this month. Family & social life has been insanely busy and time consuming the past few months and the set of four double eclipses that have occurred over the past two years have absolutely hammered me! Many challenges, shifts, growth, release and changes……sometimes, we just need to take a break from it all!

So, October is my recharge month………and that matches perfectly with the energies that are available to us all. Its been a tough year of change for many. If you can, ease back a little this month. Give yourself some time and space for any changes or adjustments to work their way through as although the energy of an eclipse is the peak of these transformational times, that energy will take a few weeks to dissipate and settle yet.

Good news this month is that Mercury goes direct again on October 9th/10th (depending on where you live in the world), so any delays we’ve experienced, ideas we’ve been mulling over, blocks that have sprung up out of nowhere or issues with communication/movement ~ all of those things should now start to move again. It won’t happen immediately however…..although Mercury goes direct, it still takes a few weeks to get fully up to speed again, so take your time and have a little patience.  If you’ve been thinking about or working on any plans or ideas and you can sense the energy shift (sometime in the last two weeks of October), then harness that motivational energy and go full speed ahead!

Even though we are now past the highly stimulating energy of the eclipse, there is still a lot of planetary activity in the sky ~ most of it encouraging us to look closely at our relationships, our relationship with money and what our priorities are in our lives. Try looking back over the last six months and see what you’ve learned. Have you grown? Have you changed? If so, how?

STOP and take a moment ~ look at how far you’ve come in such a short space of time and ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS…..it may have been hard going for those whom have been deeply affected by the energy, but you have got to be in a better place by now.

There is still quite a lot of opposing energy around this month, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if people are still teetering between two opposing extremes. Do we focus on ourselves or others? Do we keep quiet to keep the peace, or speak up and tolerate some conflict before settling into a new way of being? Do we stand our ground or surrender to the Universe? One thing I do know is that whatever opposition you may be experiencing in your life, giving yourself the stillness to hear & listen to that inner voice and then taking positive action towards a happier life is most definitely the way to go. Ask yourself ‘Am I trying to control this situation’ and ‘Am I acting out of fear?’. If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then there is still more work to do. If you’ve managed to let go of control and face your fears this year, then well done! Next year is going to be a LOT easier  🙂


The New Moon this month is in Libra on 13th October @ 00.06am GMT. This new moon is a tricky one as it’s likely to stimulate our inner child or rebel, so we may not be seeing things clearly and may also find that our reactions to things are quite childish. This is an opportunity to observe the difference between our intuitive, inner knowing and our old patterns and habits. If you’re dealing with old patterns of behaviour and thinking, then this is the perfect time to perform some sort of ritual to release them. Say goodbye and release that which you no longer want or need in your life ~ and then focus on manifesting what you DO want. During this week, keep looking forward, keep dragging the negative or monkey mind out of the past and be brutally honest with yourself about how it might be keeping you in a place that isn’t healthy or happy. It may be comfortable, it may be familiar, you may be able to control it ~ but if it isn’t serving you or supporting you any more, if it keeps dragging you back into old ways of being, then work really hard on taking yourself to a more positive place. New moons provide an opportunity for a fresh start. How do you want your life to be? We’re working with cycles and trends big time at the moment, so if you felt the last Eclipse, then you’re going to feel this New Moon. Pay attention ~ for those affected, what we experience around this time has a cycle that lasts until the next Eclipse in March 2016.

The Full Moon this month is in Taurus on 27th October @ 12.05pm GMT. Again, this is quite a rebellious full moon. If there is anything we have ignored, buried or missed during the New Moon phase, then it’s going to pop up again during this Full Moon. The Universe is VERY insistent that we get rid of our old baggage, that we shift, change, grow and take responsibility for our personal vibrations ~ and indeed raising them! The higher we vibrate, the more we draw good things to us. It’s that simple. On a positive note, this is a friendly Full Moon that focuses on our security (including money), home and family. It’s also a lovely time to moon bathe crystals if you’re so inclined. As mentioned below, if you can set them directly on to earth, grass or a flower bed, they’ll feel absolutely amazing as we’re receiving boosts of energy from both the sky and the earth and our crystals can soak both of those energy streams up like a sponge and simply shine 🙂

There are two meteor showers this month. The Draconids on October 8th and the Orionids on October 22nd. I’ll issue blogs with full details of these showers closer to the time, in case you’d like to cast your eyes to the sky and watch the show. On an energetic level, these meteor showers are little bursts of energy to keep us moving forward. It’s also an excellent time to charge any Tektites, Moldavite or high vibrational stones. If you can, pop them out on the earth or grass overnight during the meteor shower. The next morning, it’s amazing how ‘buzzy’ they feel. You can pop them underneath a plastic container or cover them if you’re worried about wildlife eating or stealing them (which has happened to me on several occasions!).

The sun is still kicking off and emitting huge solar flares on a regular basis. I think there have been more stunning Northern or Southern lights pictures this year than any other. Again, this energy is motivational ~ although it can also feel tiring, irritating or stimulate us in ways or at times that cause us to feel snappy. Give yourself a break, its only energy 😉

To sum October up, there are still challenges, there are still things we need to be doing and there are still days when we’re going to want to bang our head against a wall or just go to sleep in order to get away from it all. Do whatever you need to do to keep feeding yourself good energy ~ I say this all the time, but it’s so true. And it’s so important.  Keep focusing on what you do want, pay attention to the present and what is going on in your life on a day to day basis as there are plenty of signs and support along the way. Listen to your body and don’t force it to move when it needs rest and vice versa.

It is, however, going to be a much easier and gentler month than many we’ve had this year. I, for one, am extremely grateful for that! Eclipses……pah! They can just do one…..lol 😉

Much love and sparkly hugs




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