November Energy Forecast 2016

November Energy Forecast 2016

Hello from a bright and breezy November Forecast 🙂

The beginning of November may feel a little foggy or unclear, but it’s quite a gentle energy that allows us to ease up on ourselves and others for awhile. Don’t try and push through the murkiness if there is any, take the time to relax instead. How nice to actually start a month in 2016 off with ease instead of a bang! Enjoy this first week and take some time out to rest and rejuvenate if you can.

The first weekend brings relationship matters to our attention again, particularly if there are any outstanding issues or old wounds relating to trust. When I use the term ‘relationships’, it could be with anyone you are close to, not just a partner.  It’s nowhere near as intense as previous relationship cycles have been however, as there is a nice energy underpinning everything.  If we make an effort to open our hearts to our nearest & dearest and truly listen to each other this weekend, there is a chance to really connect and elicit change that benefits both parties. Work towards harmony ~ could a little bit of compromise give everyone what they need? Any changes made now, for the good of all, will strengthen and create more freedom within that relationship so it’s well worth working with this energy.

There is a strong shift in energy in the second week of November (co-incidentally on the US election day!) that is motivational and demands that we keep moving forward and making progress. It brings us the strength to stand up for what we believe in. It also pushes our buttons if we tend to be rebellious. This wave carries right through to mid December, so if you’ve been waiting for a bit of a boost, this is a good energy to harness. The energy of November overall is geared to take us forward so even if unexpected or unsavoury things occur, remember that we ARE moving forward ~ both globally and personally, even if we can’t see it at the time.

The second weekend in November brings the focus back to personal relationships again, but on a more practical/serious note. If the energy around this weekend feels a bit low or you’re bickering or agitated, put everything down and have some fun. There is a lot of planetary movement this month, which can irritate a little as one minute everything feels good, the next it doesn’t. Consistency has been hard to come by this year! I would encourage people to spend quality time with those they love, get outside in nature, play, have fun, use this slightly erratic, but easier month to make yourself feel good in whatever way works for you. Once the energy stabilises early next year, we’ll be back to working on multiple levels at high speed.

We have the opportunity during November to come at things in a new way and figure out creative ways to handle issues. The more open minded we can be, the better this month will feel as positive change is most definitely in the air! Yippee! 🙂

Week three heralds the Full Moon in Taurus and Neptune turns direct (full details below), bringing a release of karmic energy, particularly that related to our giving up our power or being passive in any way when we should have taken action. This is a great time to release old patterns of thought or behaviour that have been keeping us stuck. If you feel this sort of energy, the weekend is likely to feel a little odd as things stop, start and move again in the Celestial arena.  It is a time when things might feel a bit cloudy or confused, but will soon clear to bring clarity & a boost to our self confidence.

Week four brings a lovely shift in energy again, supporting us in feeling more courageous, more determined and focused. It brings with it a flavour of adventure, so the best way to harness this energy is to try new things, think outside the box, get creative and have fun! The end of week four is a little tricky, particularly for those living in the USA as it is Thanksgiving and a time when families gather together. We may be tested on our belief systems and it is really important to try to come from a place of understanding and compassion in our relationships or it’ll create fireworks!

If we try to force our opinions on others or vice versa, things will not end well. Avoid talking about sensitive subjects such as politics, religion or any past family issues and focus on having fun, spreading love and happiness. A hard ask I know given what is happening globally, but a good head’s up I feel 😉 Am actually setting it as a rule for that time period ~ silliness over seriousness! Avoid power struggles at all costs and if you end up in one, try to come at the issue from a new angle or get creative with new ways to handle the situation. Or try letting go of the fight altogether and see how it makes you feel. The key is to do something different.

The energy should ease up over the weekend, heralding in something lighter and more sparkly energy for the last week in November.



Full Moon in Taurus on 14th November 2016 ~ Exact at 13:52 GMT

This is the second in a cycle of three Supermoons, which is said to heighten the energy slightly as the Moon is so close to the Earth. It can look huge in the night sky when it appears over the Horizon and rises into the sky 🙂  If you set any intentions, plans, ideas or took action on anything towards the end of October during the New Moon, this Full Moon is when you should see those things manifest or take form in your life. This is quite an earthy, practical Full Moon and a good time to practice grounding and releasing any negative energy, thoughts or feelings deep into the Earth. It’s also a great Full Moon to moon bathe crystals. 

New Moon in Sagittarius on 29th November ~ Exact at 12:18 GMT

This New Moon is absolutely lovely! The energy will encourage us to find others in our ‘tribe’ that we can resonate and share ourselves with. It’s important to be open, honest and kind in how we express ourselves ~ curiosity, excitement, adventure, exploration and positive reinforcement are the lovely steps to our connections & social encounters during this new Lunar cycle.  It’s a great time to forge connections with new people, ensuring that we are as authentic as possible. We must also allow others the freedom to follow their own path as they see fit ~ ask them what they need and provide that support if possible. The old adage ‘if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all’ is a good one to remember toward the end of November.

With regard to the retrograde phases of planets that have been playing havoc with us all this year  (the one step forwards, two steps back scenario), Neptune turns direct on 19th November, which brings relief on more of a global level than personal. If this retrograde phase has been affecting you personally however, you’ll know as all of a sudden, mid to end of November, something that has been niggling or delayed in one area of your life will become clear and unhindered ~ with you taking a much higher perspective on things. If you have spent the past few months working on the ‘inner’ you, your connection with your Higher Self will now be stronger and more effective ~ as we do the inner work, any internal changes we make reflect positively in our external lives too. Keep listening to, trusting and taking action on your inner ‘knowing’.

Chiron & Uranus turn direct next month, which is a huge relief to us all. These two are responsible for us revisiting old patterns or wounds this year and for anything unexpected that has happened. To have them moving forward again will create a lovely, new energy just in time for the December holidays. Although Mercury turns Retrograde on 19th December until 8th January, do not fear this phase! It is giving all of us a chance to slow down, review the year we’ve just experienced, take some time out to rest, rejuvenate and have fun. I’ll write in more detail in December’s Energy Forecast.

There are three meteor showers this month. The South/North Taurids on 4/5 & 11/12 November, then the spectacular Leonids on the 17th. I’ll blog about these in detail a few days beforehand.

All in all, with the year many of us have had, it is so good to write a report that is full of a lot more adventurous, positive energy. Remember, the key to this month is to rest, play and rejuvenate whilst being open minded and authentic. The energy has lightened up to give us all a break and I, for one, am going to enjoy it to the max 🙂

Have a wonderful month!

Lots of love and cosmic blessings

Krissy XXX


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    Thanks Kirsty! Always a delight to connect with you – how lovely to see lighter news. Bright blessings for Samhain xx

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