November Energy Forecast 2015

November Energy Forecast 2015

Hello There ūüôā

October was an interesting month. I don’t know about you, but the energy for me has shifted greatly. It’s still quite intense and erratic at times, but a lot of the pressure & emotional challenges have eased up.

November is going to keep on pushing us ~ not in the highly emotional or challenging way it has been on occasion this year, but the energy to move, to shift, to keep going and to get on with things is¬†still very much present. There will be an undercurrent of this energy going on in the background all the time, so it’s likely to make our day to day lives feel very busy. There are also THREE meteor showers in November, ensuring we keep getting sparked and gently prodded forwards. If you’re welcoming change or transformation on any level, harness this energy and really go for it.

November is a great month to achieve some serious foundation and ground work. This is an energy stream we can also pull back from at any time in order to rest. Many have had a tough year of lessons & realisations ~ the main aim of which has been to learn how to balance our own needs with those of others and communicate more honestly and openly. We’re moving so fast, it’s important to stop every now and again to acknowledge how far we’ve come ~ and to be kind to ourselves.¬†

The end of the first week of November heralds in a new energy for a four week cycle. It is the energy of Libra, which at it’s best is a lovely, balanced, gentle, supportive, sociable, slightly sparkly energy that can feel like a breath of fresh air in our relationships. It can also cause a little tension where tension is required, in order that any conflicts be resolved and a common ground can be found. At some point, we all need to find a¬†balance between speaking our truth with diplomacy and conflict. Any tension offers the opportunity of creating a deeper intimacy, understanding and connection. This is a welcome, nice shift of energy,¬†softer, more forgiving, less critical, kinder and more compassionate than we’ve experienced¬†in awhile.

The New Moon is in Scorpio on 11 November @ 17:47pm GMT. A New Moon opens the doorway for us to reboot ourselves and start new cycles or set new intentions. A Scorpio New Moon encourages us to dive really deep within, right to the core of ourselves and to flush out anything that may be draining or holding back our energy and¬†ability to grow and be happy. We are being asked to be¬†brutally honest with ourselves. If we have been giving our energy away to negative people or allowing others to drain us, or if a job, living arrangement or path we are following doesn’t feel right or feels like a real slog, then this particular New Moon offers an opportunity to shift into a new energy. Coupled with the other celestial activity this month, we really are being given the chance to wipe a slate clean on some level and start again.

I would recommend doing something simply for yourself around this time and to do it alone. Whether in deep thought, in meditation, out walking in nature ~ give yourself some time and space to properly look at yourself. How do you feel about things now, really, truly? Do they matter as much as they did six months ago? If not, why not? Witness how the ego or monkey mind tries to distract or stress you out and remember that it’s main objective is to keep you separate from others. I have known this fact for years, but constantly forget and every now and again, check in with myself to find I’m slipping into an old pattern again, distancing myself from someone or something without even realising it!

The intimate areas this New Moon highlights are sexuality, control, loss, death, trauma, anger and our dark or shadow side. If any of those words triggers anything within you, then you may be being affected by this New Moon energy. Take the time to go within, to analyse and see how you’re really doing. Look at how you’ve been communicating with others and explore how you think ~ how do you talk to yourself in your own mind? Anything started under this New Moon, any intentions that are set will run well into next year ~ so be careful what you wish for and be absolutely in your adult self, grounded, open, honest and specific. Any New Moon rituals, crystal grids or manifestations/intentions set up at this time should be focusing on the bigger picture and long haul ~ this is not the right moon to try to manifest anything quickly.


The Full Moon this month is in Cancer on 25 November @ 22:44pm GMT. This is a lovely Full Moon, so put your crystals out, get out with friends or family around a camp fire or somewhere where you can gather together in love, laughter and friendship. This is a sociable, home loving, family loving Full Moon, which is a great energy following on from a quite serious New Moon! This full moon also gets us in touch with our feelings, which blends beautifully with the Libran energy mentioned above. A Full Moon also encourages us to integrate any opposing energies within ourselves ~ so this month, look at how your emotions may be conflicting with themselves or with your intuition. 

With both the New Moon and Full Moon in water signs and with the new influx of Libran energy, November is likely to be an emotional month. Good or bad, we need to feel our emotions and learn to express them in ways that are open & honest, but aren’t harmful to ourselves or others. The energy is right here this month to provide the support we need to harness our emotions and use that powerful energy to¬†manifest what we truly need in our lives.

Meteor Watch

The South Taurids arrive on 4 & 5 November¬†and there should be good visibility this year given that there will only be a slim, waning crescent moon to light the sky. It takes a long time for the Earth to pass through the meteor stream of the combined South and North¬†Taurids (September-December), so there aren’t a huge amount of meteors coming from one particular radiant point. Instead, the meteors are more scattered across the sky and we may only see¬†7-10 meteors an hour. What makes this meteor shower cool however is the high percentage of fireballs, which are extremely bright and slow moving meteors that can clearly be seen for some time, burning their way across the sky.

The North Taurids arrive on the evening of¬†November 12 until dawn on November 13. ¬†The North Taurids meteor shower is very similar to the South, offering up few meteors, but the one’s we do see are usually amazing! These two different meteor showers combine and cross over during November, so any time we look up to the sky this month, there is a chance of seeing a shooting star. The sky will be pitch black due to the New Moon on 11 November, so this is a great year to view meteors and these are visible worldwide.

The last meteor shower in November is the Leonids, which arrive on November 17/18.  This hugely famous meteor shower has produced some of the best meteor storms in history, sometimes exhibiting 1000s of meteors per MINUTE!  The best viewing time for this shower is from midnight to 4am worldwide. I will blog full details about the above showers closer to the time with exact details on how, when and where to see them.

Solar Watch

Keep an eye on at the beginning of November (2-5). ¬†In early October, a large Coronal Hole opened up on the Sun. ¬†When this happens, huge amounts of solar energy is released from the hole. If the hole is facing Earth, we are hit a few days later by a high-speed stream of solar wind. This disrupts the Earth’s magnetic field, sparking strong geomagnetic storms and auroras. This could happen again on 2-5 November as the Sun has orbited round again and the hole will once again face Earth. Solar¬†energy tends to affect people in two different ways ~ some are energised and motivated by it, others are tired and irritated by it. ¬†It can affect our sleep patterns and make us more emotional than usual. Be aware in the first week of November that if you’re feeling a bit out of sorts or¬†if¬†you’re suddenly racing round like a rocket, it’s only energy and will soon pass.

One of my pet loves is photography. I’ve never wanted to be a photographer, but can’t help but be awed by different people’s perceptions of beauty and am always up for visiting photography exhibitions. The main picture is a photograph taken by Canadian photographer Paul Zizka, whom has travelled the world to obtain some of the most stunning & thought provoking shots. From snowy mountains to crystal clear lakes and vibrant auroras! If you’d like to see more of Paul’s work, please Click Here.

I hope November ushers in Autumn gently for those in the Northern Hemisphere whilst Spring arrives with some bounce in the Southern Hemisphere. Have a lovely month.

With love and cosmic cuddles

Krissy XXX


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