Mid Month Energy Report ~ March 2014

Mid Month Energy Report ~ March 2014

Hello There

Just a quick energy report update as we’ve reached the middle of March. I hope you’re all having a fabulous month 🙂

There are quite a lot of conflicting energies pushing us forward this month, so I would suggest writing things down, discussing things, making plans and mulling everything over. The kind of energy that is propelling us forward is quite reckless and inflammatory, so actions taken on this energy usually come back to bite us down the line.

Trust me, there are some amazingly positive energies that start to flood in during the last week of March and those energies are the ones we need to harness for ACTION! Right now, sit back and observe….make notes….bide your time.

We’ll be called this week to find a balance between two extremes. This could be between work and play, family and self, racing ahead or sitting back, intuitively trusting or logically over analysing. I would think there may, in particular, be challenges or noticeable differences between our spiritual selves and our practical, human selves. Each of those parts of ourselves require different attention and commitment from us, so it may be challenging to decide which one to go with! As with all polarities, I try to see them as a spectrum ~ so our spiritual self is at one end of the line and the practical, human self at the other ~ if we can land somewhere in the middle, we’ll be going with the flow and balancing these current energies!


The full moon in Virgo is on Sunday 16th March and I’d recommend using this day & the lunar energy to find stability and balance. This full moon may trigger the self critical side of ourselves, so we may be intuiting things on a spiritual level, but then distrusting or putting ourselves down.

All of us are going to be called to work on individual parts of ourselves once we get into April. The more aware we are of the areas of life being affected, the easier it will be to rise above the human, practical aspects of what is going on in our lives and view things from a spiritual, more aware, more compassionate angle. The energy this week gives us the opportunity to have a good look at things and see which area of life will be the main focus in April. Try to be a witness over the next few weeks rather than an instigator or participant. The knowledge we gain from being detached will serve us well.

There is a huge spot on the sun that is growing at a massive rate. That puts the chance of us being hammered by yet more solar energy at around 70% over the next few days. Just remember, this energy tries to push and speed everything up. If you can, ignore it. Now is not the time for going at great speed. We need to temper and rein ourselves in a little bit ~ just until the last week in March. Increased solar energy will also heighten the aggressive, critical sides of ourselves…so be aware if you feel grumpy or snappy at yourself or others. Its just energy ~ so knock it off! 😉

I can’t wait for April, but then I’m a great lover of change and growth. Its warming up slowly here in UK and feeling very spring like and dry (which is also a huge change, with the UK having been soggy for waaaaaaaay too long this winter). Change is coming. Change is good. 

Much love and hugs

Krissy XXX

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