Mid Month Energy Report ~ July 2014

Mid Month Energy Report ~ July 2014

There may be a feeling of indecisiveness or contradiction around ~ to move this way or that way? Do we buy into drama and over react or do we remain centred and calm?

Its a difficult one to call as there is a huge mix of energy going on at the moment with many contradictions. Every day will most likely feel different. Hence the theme this month being to check in with ourselves on a daily basis and honour how we are feeling ~ and having respect for how others are feeling too ~ we are all in the same boat 🙂

There is an energy shift coming in the last two weeks of July, where we will be moving from a place of emotional sensitivity, where we have been looking at comfort and security over the past year, into something a little more exciting. The new energy will encourage us all to be more playful, generous, sharing, involved and spontaneous. It is moving us away from our inner world and emotional spectrum into the external world and how we interact with it. Any projects that have faltered or been on the back burner may come to life again.

Be aware that anything that IS being delayed is for a good reason ~ it is probably because where we think a path will lead isn’t actually the right thing for us in the long term. Pay attention to the obstacles, for they are there to either teach us or to prevent us from making a mistake.

If we take a playful, fun look at any ongoing projects that aren’t hitting obstacles, if we call on our creative self expression and look at things from a completely different perspective, we will get the most out of this energy shift. It is likely to make us feel bolder and more adventurous, more willing to take risks. The negative side of this energy leans toward reacting rather than responding, to drama rather than clear thinking and emotional stability. The difference between a reaction and a response is time……take the time to think about something before responding. A reaction comes from the egoic mind, it comes as soon as the other person stops speaking. It shows we haven’t even given our mind and heart time to really process what has been said to us, in order that we may respond from our heart space. Reaction is head…..Response is heart.

We are likely to bounce back and forth between the positive and negative aspects for the next few months at least, so don’t beat yourself up if this is happening. Its happening to everyone! Just strive for that calmer balance point in the middle 😉

At the same time this new energy shift is occurring, there are certain things that will try to keep us stuck in the older energies, in that emotionally sensitive space. This won’t quite clear until the end of the second week in August, so forgive a few flare ups before we finally move on to a clean and clear new energy.


The New moon is in the sign of Leo on 26 July 22.24pm GMT. Above artwork by one of my favourite artists, Susan Seddon-Boulet.  New Moon in Leo is about being more playful. It is about standing in our power and calling forth our creativity. If we’ve been feeling down, dragging our feet or just not moving in general, this is the perfect New Moon to get some fire in our belly. This is the perfect New Moon to set a Crystal Grid or begin work that honours the creative soul within. Whether it be creating life, a business, a garden, a meal, an actual art project ~ anything that we want to manifest that involves play or creativity can be started under this New Moon and carried on for the entire lunar cycle. There is a lot of power in following a lunar cycle ~ thats a whole 30 days of manifesting, visualising and taking action toward our dreams. Do not dwell on anything that is wrong in life now, do not beat yourself up for what is not….this is the time to Celebrate, accept and love all that you ARE, all that you have achieved. Silence that inner critic for a few days, throw caution to the wind and let yourself ROAR 😉

There is also the Delta Aquarid meteor shower coming up around the same time as the New Moon (check back here next week for exact details of where/when it can be seen) ~ this also propels us on, gives us courage and strength and sparks our inner warrior.

So for the remainder of July ~ check in with yourself, be accepting of yourself, call on your creativity and most of all ~ PLAY! Let that inner child out, be silly, be giddy, step out of that comfort zone with the eyes and heart of a child. It is the wisest path to get the most out of the energy over the next few months. There is a serious double eclipse coming in October when the time for play will cease for most of us ~ so we should enjoy this energy whilst we can.

If in doubt, drink Pimms ~ my favourite drink of the summer here in UK. It must be good for us…it has fruit in it 😉 My dad, step mum, brother & twin sisters arrive from Abu Dhabi next week for a visit. We plan to visit Go Ape (tree climbing adventure), go Quad Biking and Paintballing so our inner child’s are going to be having one heck of a good time! Am so excited as I don’t get to see my family very often.

With much love

Krissy XXX

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