Mid Month Energy Report ~ Full Moon in Leo

Mid Month Energy Report ~ Full Moon in Leo

Hello There

I’ve found myself naturally gearing toward a mid-month energy report the past few months. The energies around us seem to be moving so fast and changing so quickly!

Its Mercury Retrograde, so our thoughts can get a little jumbled or confused. We might not be communicating very well, babbling too much or not being able to find the right words to speak at all! For others, communication avenues are wide open and singing! Some readers are on fire, others are struggling. I guess it depends on which energy you draw on Spiritually ~ earth energy, the stars, solar, lunar, Spirit, Angelic or Universal energy in general?

We’ve then got a full moon in Leo, exact at 11.53pm on Valentine’s night. Given the current planetary alignments, thats going to rev up our mental energy, which will push us to speak up, be blunt, be honest. That might be interesting…..lol…  This full moon also supports finding creative ways to express the true, inner you within your community or family as a whole.


Its about taking a step back and considering the bigger picture ~ how are things working for everyone as a whole and how are they working for you personally? Where do you fit in within the bigger picture? What creative ways can you find to balance the need to stand in your own integrity with the needs of the whole? Take a risk, express your true, authentic self……do it from a place of Love, not rebellion or frustration and see what happens. This is a good week for issues to be brought to the surface and carefully considered as we’re starting a new cycle soon.

The energies at the moment are pushing us all on a mental level, but not on a physical level, which can feel very frustrating. It would be wise to examine our needs and motivations carefully before the new cycle begins next month and we’re once again propelled forward toward April at a great rate of knots. Last two weeks of February ~ use wisely, examine, reflect, accept and in March, plans turn into action.

2014 is the year to re~align ourselves and make necessary changes. Keep focusing on your dreams and the creative ways in which you an achieve them. See you at the beginning of March 😉

Much Love




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