Mid-Month Energy Report ~ August 2014

Mid-Month Energy Report ~ August 2014

The energy of the last two weeks of July and first two weeks of August has been both fast and disruptive. So I’m going to slow things down and ask you to read this blog through once, then come back and actually sit and think on the questions and how you feel about things in your own life.

When life moves quickly, we race from one event, social occasion, family obligation and work commitment…….to another and it can cause us to disconnect a little. I’d like us all to give ourselves ten minutes quiet, to sit and reflect for a moment. We have to stay connected to our Higher Selves and our Source energy if we’re to get the best out’ve the remainder of 2014.

This year we have been deliberately tested, rattled and shaken to see what parts of our thoughts & behavioural patterns are no longer working for us. Whilst a lot of the energy has caused upset or frustration, these things are sent to try, but then ultimately free us.

Many of us have had to take a good look at our beliefs, our attitudes and how we respond in given situations, particularly stressful ones. Our trigger points & buttons have been well and truly pushed. This doesn’t have to be in a hugely dramatic fashion either…..some triggers are subtle, others are more obvious.

My question is: How do you handle these moments?

  • Do they make you want to give up, to fall into helplessness and feel like a victim?
  • Do they make you angry and want to fight or prove a point?
  • Do they make you feel apathetic, as if you’d rather just stick your head in the sand and not have to deal with any of it?
  • Do they make you feel guilty?

Once you have those reactions, how do they make you feel? Are you happy feeling that way? Are you happy with the way you’re responding to life? If the answer to any of these latter questions is ‘no’, then despite the recent energies being a bit challenging…..their aim is to teach us how to become happier 🙂


The recent full moon in Aquarius had more of a serious feel to it than I was expecting. It brought ideas, adventure and issues to the surface, but in a way that calls us to integrate everything into our practical, daily lives. No pie in the sky dreaming, we need to make our dreams a reality.

The energy in the last few weeks of August requires us to really look hard at ourselves. Any ways of being that are blocking our progress, that are holding us back, need to be cleared and dealt with NOW. If we are unhappy with ourselves, this is our last opportunity to change how we think, how we react and how we behave or respond to people.

Toward the end of September, the energy starts building for the double eclipses in October. At that point, choice and control are taken away and change will occur on the terms of the Universe…not ourselves.  Having been bashed several times by the Universe through not listening to my inner voice ~ or sometimes finding the changes required of me too difficult to process………. I now choose to be responsible for any unhappiness, for my issues, my attitudes. I now change them when the energy is there to support my doing so. This is the energy we are in now.

The positive energy is going to start building now toward the end of the month. It should start filtering in during the latter part of this weekend, making next week the perfect time to just GET ON WITH IT and do so with positivity 🙂

Positive affirmations, positive thoughts, positive feelings ~ make this coming week a week of POSITIVITY and we should draw this yummy, sparkly, abundant energy to us like a magnet. Make a concious effort and if you find it a struggle, step back, take a good look at everything. Examine it, analyse it, see what isn’t working and then make the best effort you can to change things to how you’d like them to be ~ always remembering that we cannot change others, we can only change ourselves.

The New Moon is in Virgo on August 25 14.13pm GMT. This is the new moon that likes to sort things out. Virgo likes to clean up our life and put it in a more orderly fashion. Routine, discipline, clarity. This is one of the best New Moons to set up a crystal grid, begin a new workout routine or start a new ritual of some kind ~ anything that involves discipline and daily practice is excellent.

For those of you who made Vision/Manifestation Boards this year….where ever they are, get them out, dust them off, review them and see if you want to change or add anything. Then leave them in a prominent, in your face place in the home. If you have a partner, kids, family ~ get them on board by showing them what you want to achieve and ask that every time they look at the board, they imagine you having/doing/experiencing something, or them experiencing it with you. There is such amazing power in collective thoughts/energy ~ get everyone in the house thinking of positive things and watch the magic unfold 😉

From this New Moon through to the next full moon, we have the opportunity to harness positive, creative, flexible, determined new energy and make it work for us! Visualise every day. Connect to your crystal grid every day. Pick some positive affirmations that resonate for you and do them every day this week, as many times a day as you can remember. Say it, FEEL it, be it. Watch how the weeks ahead unfold and get brighter. 

I selected pictures of sun rises for this blog as I feel thats what is happening for us all…….we’ve had the energy shift, we’ve experienced the biggest meteor shower and full moon of the year….now we’re going to start moving into a more positive, more creative, more expressive energy.

The sun is rising to shine on us all 🙂

With HUGE Cosmic Cuddles & lots of love

Krissy XXX



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