Mid-May Energy Forecast 2016

Mid-May Energy Forecast 2016

Hello and welcome to the Mid-May Energy Forecast ūüôā

The best word to describe current energies is ‘Erratic’!

Have you tuned into the energy of the Earth lately? It’s interesting watching the Ring of Fire start to awaken with large earthquakes/volcanic eruptions being felt in Mexico, Japan, Myanmar, Fiji, Tonga and Equador. If you haven’t heard of the Ring of Fire, Click Here for more information. ¬†To see the latest list of Earthquakes, Click Here.

The Ring of Fire countries experience 100s of tremors, small quakes and small eruptions every year, but when this happens in quick succession & above 5.5 on the Richter Scale (there have been over 60 major earthquakes above 5.5 in the past month alone), it means the tectonic plates of the Earth are really moving. There is a large amount of pressure building within the Earth and this can easily be seen manifested in collective consciousness around the world. The pressure on our banking systems, finances, governments and in our personal lives continues to mount for many. It can be seen physically in regions such as the Ring of Fire, Iceland or Yellowstone National Park.

Energy as a whole is very erratic at the moment. With so much happening astrologically, on a Solar level (we’re currently experiencing huge¬†solar flares) as well as within the Earth ~ as above, so below and within! Even the calmest, most grounded of us have been rattled this year by¬†one¬†form of challenge or another. ¬†This is all designed to challenge and change our lives for the better, but with life moving so fast it is often hard to stop, be still, be quiet, to step out of the speed of life in order to connect to our inner selves and acknowledge how we’re doing…………. or what it is we need along the way.

Retrograde Planets

We still have Mercury, Mars, Pluto and Saturn in retrograde phases with 3 more major Planets/Dwarf Planets entering the retrograde mix in June. Mercury turns direct on 22 May and Mars on 29 June so that should enable some areas of life that may have felt hard going lately to begin moving forward again. Click Here to read my blog of specific information on each particular Planet and what it might mean for you personally.

Mercury turning direct should at least release any mental/communication pressure we have been under and allow our thoughts & speech to start flowing in more positive ways. If this retrograde phase is affecting you, expect to start feeling pressure mount around 17-19 May as energy intensifies during the days either side of a Planet moving. Once it settles (24/25), that pressure will immediately ease.

The lunar cycle this month began with the New Moon in Taurus at the peak of the Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower. This began a fresher, less intense lunar cycle, but we are swiftly moving towards this month’s Full Moon in Sagittarius, which¬†is highly inflammatory this year.




Full Moon in Sagittarius (Blue Moon) ~ 21st May 2016 @ 22.14 GMT

Now normally, a Full Moon in this Zodiac Sign signifies an upbeat, friendly, optimistic sort of energy. However, each Full Moon is different from year to year depending on what contacts it is making with other Planets at the time. ¬†This year, the Sagittarius Full Moon is¬†likely to stoke conflict. ¬†There will be opposition between masculine & feminine energies and the whole weekend is likely to feel prickly, restless, heated and argumentative (this build up of energy times perfectly with the intensity of Mercury’s energy mentioned above *sigh*). ¬†That’s the negative manifestation of this Full Moon’s energy ~ however, as with all forms of energy, there are both negative and positive manifestations.

On a positive note, this Full Moon can make us feel courageous, bold and want to take action in some form ~ we just have to ensure we are fully grounded and not being rash, dramatic or overly reactive. There is a lot of energetic fuel being added to emotional fire.

The best way to channel this energy is to get physical. Get out, get the kids and family out (as it’s over a weekend), visit people, do physical activities that energise the body & utilise this excessive, heated energy. If you want to avoid conflict, but know there is something bubbling under the surface, maybe take a break and head out on your own. If you feel¬†you’re too raw or tired from all the recent energies, acknowledge that and do something solitary that channels this fire energy in a non inflammatory way¬†~ even if it’s heading out into nature for a simple walk away from people, you’ll feel better for it.

I am often asked how someone can know if they are being affected by a Full Moon ~ with this one, there is no question. You’ll either feel energised and want to take on the world ~ in one form or another! Or, as the moon waxes to Full, you may feel irritable, snappy, irrational, tired or emotional.

Just remember………. it is all just energy……..we can step out of it any time we want and choose something different.¬†

This is not¬†the best¬†Full Moon in which to to bathe crystals ~ in fact, during this entire Planetary retrograde phase, Moon bathing crystals isn’t advisable¬†as the energy of the Sun, the Weather, the Earth, the Stars, ourselves and society as a whole just isn’t conducive to Moon bathing. ¬†There is simply too much unstable emotion in the air! However, each of us is a unique individual so if you feel the urge to put your crystals out, then please do so as that will be absolutely right for you. Please do not do it simply because it’s a habit however. Really tune in to your own energy, the energy of those around you and ground yourself deep in the Earth ~ get connected and then see how it feels. I have had a lot of people say they moon bathe crystals every month, but over the last few months have forgotten, haven’t been home or just haven’t been able to get round to putting them out. There is a reason for that ~ our Higher Selves know what is best….it’s just a case of connecting to and then trusting that intuition ūüôā

Self awareness, self care and grounding are the best ways to deal with all of this erratic energy. There will be days when we feel absolutely fine and others when we’ll think ‘what on earth!!!!???’. Delays in certain areas of our lives, or feeling like we’re wading through molasses or treacle is a common response to retrograde planets in particular. ¬†I personally find it really frustrating as it’s affecting my mind and how fast it usually works….instead of being able to blog and write several times a day, am finding it hard to do even one session.

The sunnier weather and lack of mental motivation¬†makes¬†me want to work outside, to get manual and physical. I can’t just sit with the frustrated mental energy or try and push against it……it simply won’t work. So I’ve grounded, tuned in and tried to honour what my system needs. Manual work isn’t really my thing, but I’ve loved it the past few weeks as it feels like am still achieving something and it’s siphoning off any excessive energy! It’s just a different form of ‘work’ than I’m used to.

On a geeky note, many of the Planets we’re talking about energetically (Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn & Mercury) are actually visible in the night sky during May, so if you’d like to find out what, when, where and how you can see any of them, visit EarthSky.Org as it is an amazing resource for astronomers worldwide and writes in fairly simple terms that we can all understand.

Enjoy the rest of May and keep shining!

Love and blessings

Krissy XXX

Photo Credit: Peter & Paul Howell. The skies over Wimbledon Lake, May 2016

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