May Energy Forecast 2015

May Energy Forecast 2015

As a child, I was an avid reader of books. Growing up in the Middle East, there weren’t many English speaking children to play with when I was little, so I used to lose myself in wonderful literary stories and adventures. The very best children’s author at the time was Enid Blyton and the books I’d re-read again and again were the Tales of the Magic Faraway Tree. Now the Faraway tree was full of odd and fae type folk with vibrant personalities, as well as the tree having a life and personality all of its own. The best part about it however, was the huge clouds that floated right at the very top of the tree. The clouds would rotate and every now and again, a different world would appear at the top. People could then climb up the tree and enter these magical places. Some worlds were good, some were extremely bad, some were hilarious and some were even a little scary! I’d lose myself for hours in those books, dreaming of different worlds and magical places in the forest. To this day, trees are still the thing I adore most in nature.

What has that got to do with May’s forecast however………..

May is going to be a fun, insightful, interesting, deep, light, fast, tiring, slow month ~ in other words, we probably won’t know until we climb the tree and stick our head into the clouds, exactly which world we’re going to get from day to day.  There will be days of great intuitive insight, when we’ll feel on fire and like everything is moving exactly as we want it to. There will be coincidences and synchronicities that illuminate our path and the flow moving forward will make us feel truly at one with the Universe. On other days, it might feel like everything is in slow mode, we’ll feel tired, irritable and just won’t want to play. This isn’t me hedging my bets either…keep a small journal and you’ll see exactly what I mean….there is little consistency to this month.

There has been so much change and so much conflicting energy around over the past few months. It has fired us up or wiped us out (for most a little of both) and really stoked our emotions so we may have felt anger or irritation when we’re usually quite relaxed about life. The current huge solar flares aren’t helping matters as they stimulate and heighten everything we’re feeling and bring any suppressed emotion to the surface, usually in a way that we cannot control.

May is a month to review everything we’ve experienced over the past few months. It is also a time to slow things down. If I could recommend anything this month it would be to:

a) create a daily morning ritual that connects you to the energy of the day. It doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out practice, just something you can do quickly and the same every day. It could be something as simple as grounding yourself and using a positive affirmation for the day. Pay attention to how you’re feeling each and every morning and then wait to see if those feelings last throughout the day or fade within an hour or so of waking up. Try to allow yourself to feel whatever it is you need to feel without suppressing it. I have a sense that a lot of suppressed or hidden emotion may come up whilst we sleep, so it can be released with no action when we wake.

b) feed yourself good energy every day. Whether that be to treat yourself to something nice, to do something that comforts you, to do something that’s fun, to get out in nature, to go for a run or exercise, to sit quietly and read a book. Whatever refreshes your system. It doesn’t have to be the same thing each day, but a good way to keep strong, focused and positive is to ensure your system doesn’t run low on energy as that is when the negative aspects of this month can get their foot through the door.

c) do not REACT to anything immediately. Whether good or bad, try and take a step back, slow things down and think about what you really want to do in your interactions with others and any situations you encounter this month. May is a month to focus on responding, not reacting and of staying balanced so we don’t tip into any extremes.

We are likely to receive deep insights or receive large pieces of information that will take time to digest this month. However, some of it may be a little confusing or unclear, like we don’t have the complete story or all the pieces of the puzzle. Our mind may feel a little scatty, with ideas and thoughts popping in and out. We’ll know something is meaningful, but may not be able to quite grasp it yet. So be patient, wait, give yourself time as your opinions and feelings may change from day to day or there may be pieces of information missing that change your entire outlook once you receive them. When something remains consistent over the period of, say, a week, then you know it is something real and true and not just a passing wave of energy or emotion.


The month kicks off with a Full Moon in Scorpio on May 3 (20.42 PDT) and May 4 (04.42 GMT). This full moon is a prickly one that is likely to place us all in between two extremes. On one level, we will feel the need to comfort ourselves and reflect on what makes us feel safe & secure. On the other, we may be looking for new insight and the ability to move forward whilst staying in control. So part of us will want to bunker down, whilst the other is likely to want to explore new horizons. Some will feel this two-way pull, others will simply fall on one side or the other. It is a great time to double check the direction in which we’re going and to ensure that we are staying true to what it is we really want and need. Issues from the past may crop up, but they bring with them an opportunity to review the past and find a way to heal any unconscious wounds the energy of this full moon might reveal. Full Moon in Scorpio is never one in which I’d charge crystals as there is such a strong dichotomy of energy around, it is difficult to say how crystals will respond. As always, follow your gut feelings…..if there is a delay, you forget or simply don’t have the time to put your crystals out, thats fine and as it should be. If you have a strong urge to put them out and it keeps niggling at you, then by all means go ahead. The energy that doesn’t work well for one person, may work brilliantly for another.

We pass through the Eta Aquarid meteor shower from 5-7 May, which adds a little kick to any energy or emotions we may have felt around the full moon. I’ll blog more about this beautiful shower in a few days time.

The New Moon in Taurus is on May 18 at 05.13 GMT. This New Moon draws in magic and stimulates both our hearts and our senses. It is an earthy, creative, fertile, rich New Moon and one during which I will set up my crystal grids for the month ahead. It is a time in which to establish a very clear path to our dreams. We can think clearly and break things down into easy steps forward. It is a fantastic New Moon for manifestation or ‘growing’ of any kind. This New Moon also speaks of pleasure and sensuality, of bringing our inner riches forth and contemplating how we may share them with the world.

Following directly on behind the New Moon is Mercury Retrograde, which lasts from May 18 through to June 11. Many people don’t like Mercury Retrograde as it is said to slow things down and cause difficulty in communications, travel and business. However, as we seem to be moving at a faster and faster speed through life these days, I’ve come to really appreciate the way that Mercury Retrograde gives us the breathing space to slow down, to reflect, re-view, re-evaluate and re-invent. It is a time to take less action and go over everything we have experienced since the last retrograde period. Check and double check everything for accuracy during this phase and pick up on the more subtle things that may have been missed in the rush of the past few months. If you know the house in your natal chart where Mercury is placed, then this is the area in which you are likely to do the most investigation, review and asking of questions this month. This retrograde period, in particular, is a good time to build bridges or mediate.

The last week of May is a fantastic time to work on releasing and letting things go. There is a lot of action going on between many of the major planets, which I am hoping will allow us to let go of any negativity that may have built over the past weeks and to clear our head’s a little bit.

May is a month of conscious growth. Be patient and kind to yourself and remember to HAVE SOME FUN. Keep replenishing yourself with GOOD energy. 

With much love and brightest of blessings




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