March Mid-Month Energy Forecast 2015

March Mid-Month Energy Forecast 2015

Hi There ūüôā

How are you finding March so far? Personally, I’ve felt immense pressure in certain areas of my life. Knew it was coming and am trying to move with the flow and welcome the changes with open arms, but it isn’t easy! Mine are in the areas of communication and health. The communication shifts are really interesting and gladly welcomed as they’re exciting on many levels, even though they ask me to face fears and step outside my comfort zone. The health side of things however, is making life difficult as it is sapping my energy. Still….these things are sent to try us & encourage us to grow! When all the changes have been implemented, I’ll be in a much better place……and so will you ūüėČ

We are building up to some major transformational energy and if it is affecting you, you will be feeling it already and know exactly which areas of your life are feeling the heat.

The ability to change our lives and harness this energy begins in earnest on 20th March with the Total Solar Eclipse of a Super New Moon, followed 13 hours later by the Spring Equinox. There are some crazy alignments taking place in the skies too ~ March 20th is going to be one of the most exactly timed days in the astrological calendar this year.

Hence writing this report….to harness the power correctly, you have to know what you’re doing and when or it could all go horribly wrong! Those that are just generally saying ‘Yay, its an eclipse, I’m going to set up a grid or put all my crystals out’….please read on…….. you CAN do those things, but only at specific times. I’ll detail the geeky info first, then move on to the energetic interpretation and what it all means for us mere humans ūüėČ


The Total Solar Eclipse on 20 March begins at 08.25 (UK Time). It reaches its full eclipse at exactly 09.31 and will last for approximately 2 minutes and 47 seconds. Those in Europe, North/East Asia and North/West Africa will only see it as a partial eclipse however due to the path of the eclipse being extremely high on the planet this time round (see above pic). The red shows the path of the eclipse, where it can be fully seen, whilst the paler yellow shows only a limited view. Here in UK, we should see an 85-90% eclipse. Photo Credit For Main Pic Above: Colleen Pinski for National Geographic

The New Moon is in Pisces on 20 March at 9.37am (UK time). ¬†So the moon turns exactly new 6 minutes after the peak of the Solar Eclipse. ¬†As this particular New Moon turns new only 14 hours after reaching lunar perigee (the closest point the moon comes to earth during its orbit), this New Moon is a Supermoon.¬†Even though we cannot see a New Moon, its close proximity to the earth still has a larger than normal effect on the earth’s tides and water, which includes us as human beings given we are 70% water.

The Spring Equinox on 20 March aligns exactly at 21.25 pm, thirteen hours after the Solar Eclipse.¬†A Solstice or Equinox traditionally sets the theme for the coming three months and these themes change each time. As with the Full and New Moons, if you’re going to practice manifestation, visualisation, putting your crystals out or setting up crystal grids during these times ~ learn what each different event¬†means as not all fall under the generalisations that are plastered all over Google. That’s like reading a general horoscope in the newspaper and thinking that its accurate for every single star sign. We all know it isn’t!


The exact time of the Total Solar Eclipse is a time that we should be focusing on our SELF and NOT manifesting or projecting outward on any level. This is not selfish, it is a specific time in which we can harness the energy to visualise and see ourselves exactly where we want to be ~ as if we are already there, already living it and it is where we are NOW as opposed to in the future.

Personally, I will sit in meditation and hold strong in my mind the vision of where I wish to be ~ only I won’t be asking for it, wishing for it, dreaming about it or hoping for it ~ I will be in a state of absolutely BEING it. There is a vast difference. Choose ONE vision, one idea, one dream and focus ALL of your energy and passion into it. Feel it in your heart and at the very core of your soul. Believe it with every single atom of your being. KNOW that this is where you¬†ARE.¬†

You can think of a scene, where you walk through it again and again…for example, if you would like a new home. Walk through the front door, through the rooms, smell the new paint, feel how different each room feels, how much light is coming in through the windows? What is on the floor? Make this visualisation as real as you can, as if you are doing it and it is your home right in that moment. Hold that vision for as long as feels right to you. If you would like to be able to travel somewhere, imagine BEING there, with as much sense, feeling, colour, light, emotion and energy as possible. Whatever your dream is, focus on it for three minutes. And so it is.

This New Moon is an INCREDIBLY powerful one to manifest the life we want to lead. The entire energy of 20 March is about propelling us into our future ~ and this will be in the highest accordance with our Spirit! Our soul needs to evolve and this is one of the biggest moments of 2015 in which we have the opportunity to harness some wonderful power and energy. It is in Pisces, so it is also a very dreamy, creative, emotional New Moon. Our energy and emotions are likely to rise and fall quite a bit over the next few weeks.

The Spring Equinox is the time to put out our crystals and set up crystal grids. If you refer to other well known crystal folk online whom have a lot bigger followings than myself, they all avoid the energy of an eclipse where crystals are concerned. There is simply too much going on and the energy is so powerful, it can easily override our intent ie. crystals can go a bit whacky and end up doing whatever they want! Given how erratic and emotional the remainder of March is likely to be, I like my metaphysical tools doing what I need them to do and remaining stable. 

The energy shifts throughout the day from a morning of focusing on the SELF to an evening of focusing on OTHERS. How we interact and converse with others, how we go about getting what we want, how we give, how and when we feel charitable and the dreams and visions we have for the world. It a time to consider being part of something bigger than we are as individuals. To completely step out of the Eclipse energy and capture the build to the Equinox, set up grids or put crystals out from around 5pm (UK time) onwards. As with all things however, if this doesn’t resonate for you, that is absolutely fine. Always go with your own heart.

For the next three months we are likely to be working through releasing our emotional attachments to the past. We should focus very much on the future and the life we wish to create. Any focus on the past should purely be about how we can move on, how we can release ourselves from any hold it has on our emotions, our behaviour and how we live our lives. We’ll also be working with the continuing effects of any change and transformation that occurs during March and this will carry on well into April. ¬†There is then the¬†Lunar Eclipse on 4 April and the first week is likely to be highly emotional ~ whether joyful or tearful (which for me means both as joy always, always makes me cry), if we’re sensitive, we’re likely to feel it deeply.

And PLEASE, give yourself time, give yourself a break and give yourself a pat on the back. STOP for a moment and look back….acknowledge just how much your life has changed and how far you’ve come already. Please don’t beat yourself up if you made some mistakes along the way. That’s normal, that’s natural. Change takes time, it takes finding our path, sometimes by wandering down the wrong one. This isn’t a race, we’re working with cycles lasting through to 2017 so just keep moving forward and focus on the positive, stay focused on your goals. They ARE achievable. It simply takes a little time.

So if you’ve been up and down this month or feeling great one day and crashing the next, don’t worry, just put it down to the energies we’re all working with. Some people won’t be affected by this transformational time at all, but may still feel energised one day, tired the next and a bit out of sorts or emotional.

In order to shift, in order to transform, life has to get a little uncomfortable or challenging in order to get us moving. This doesn’t necessarily mean in a bad way either ~ some people thrive on change, harness the energy, don’t let things get them down and keep on barrelling through to the next stage of life. I currently feel split in two as am doing that on one level, yet haven’t got the energy on another to go full speed ahead…..slowly slowly catch a monkey as they say (where DID that saying come from??? LOL).

With much love and cosmic cuddles

Krissy XXX

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  1. Thank you for all this information. It really helps guide me in my life ūüôā I live just north of Seattle WA in the USA. I am wondering how this affects my timeline as far as “The energy shifts throughout the day from a morning of focusing on the SELF to an evening of focusing on OTHERS.” I’d like to focus on being part of a community and trusting my feelings.

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