Lyrid Meteor Shower ~ 16-25 April 2016

Lyrid Meteor Shower ~ 16-25 April 2016

The Earth will pass through the Lyrid meteor shower just before dawn on 22 April 2016.

This is one of the oldest recorded meteor showers in our history, dating back approximately 2700 years and is the Earth passing through the break up and trail of the Comet Thatcher.

The meteors can be seen as shooting stars between 16-25 April and the Lyrids are usually quite bright and often leave trails.

If you look to the North East, toward the constellation Lyra and the bright star Vega (usually visible in the sky from 10pm onward), up and to the right of that is where you’ll most likely see meteors. (Photo Credit:


I’ll be curious to see what happens with this shower as there are, on average, 10-20 meteors per hour, but often this can surge to over 100 ~ its a shower that ebbs and flows.

I think we’ll feel waves of energy during this time. Our emotions or energy levels may fluctuate throughout the period 16-25 April with the peak being felt 21-23 April 2016.

Unfortunately, the meteor shower coincides exactly with this month’s Full Moon, so it will be difficult to spot meteors until the Moon drops or rises (depending on which Hemisphere you’re in) in the sky, away from the radiant point.

Energetically however, this ramps up the impact of the upcoming Full Moon. With it being a Full Moon in Scorpio, things can get really prickly or really passionate! Either way, the combined energy of a meteor shower & full moon will certainly stimulate our emotions on some level, so try not to buy into any drama or chaos this week. Balance is the key, neither rising too high nor dropping too low. 

With brightest of blessings

Krissy xxx

(Photo Credit for main pic: Lyrid meteor shower over Crater Lake 2012, Brad Goldpaint).

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