June Energy Forecast 2016

June Energy Forecast 2016

Hello and Welcome to the June Energy Forecast

I am going to split the Energy Forecast in two this month as we have two very different facets of energy in the first two weeks of June, Neptune going retrograde in the middle of June and then a positively bonkers combination of energies at the end of the month. Whether this makes you want to mutter swear words or shout YEEEEE HAAAAA, we’re on target for transformation!

There are more planets going retrograde in June as shown below. If you’re unsure about retrograde planets and their meanings, please Click Here for more information.

  • Neptune ~ 13 June – 19 November
  • Chiron ~ 27 June – 1 December
  • Pallas ~ 21 June – 17 October (dwarf planet)
  • Saturn & Pluto are still retrograde until August/September.
  • Juno (dwarf planet) is currently retrograde and will turn direct again on 22 June.
  • Mars is currently retrograde and will turn direct again on 29 June. This will get us motivated in areas of our lives where we may have felt blocked, stuck, stagnant or unable to move quickly.

Mars finally going forwards again is great news, but the timing means there will be a lot of conflicting energy in the last week of June. There will be 5 planets and a 2 dwarf planets all throwing their energy around as they move in and out of our lives.

This means that by the end of the month, we’ll still have six celestial bodies in retrograde, however, they’ll be providing a different combination of energy to that experienced in May. I’ll explain more in a mid-month update as we have enough coming up in the next two weeks to keep us busy……. one step at a time 😉

There is a lot of karmic energy in the air at the moment. Cycles are being completed, things are coming to an end so the new can begin. Thoughts, opinions & behaviours that have been passed down from generation to generation are finally being healed and completed as they no longer serve the future generations.

If you believe in past lives, anything brought through with you into this life might be coming up this year as it is time for it to be released. Any lingering patterns will be brought up again, many things we thought we had dealt with might pop up again too, just to test us and see how we feel about them now. If something rises to the surface, it isn’t completely finished, so look at it from all angles. This energy is affecting all of us, so if you find yourself feeling more moody, tired or less tolerant than usual, give yourself (and others) a break. We’re all going through something on some level, especially with these pesky retrograde planets causing the energy to feel like glue in some areas of life!

The purpose of the energy of June is to FREE OUR MINDS. From the New Moon and Grand Cross mentioned below to other clashes in the astrological arena, everything points to us all harnessing a new perspective and way of being as an individual and in different areas of life. For some it’s relationships, for others it’s health, career, home, family, prosperity etc. Think of it as being upgraded, being given a new, more effective, faster program that helps us to achieve better things. The more open minded we can be, the more we mull over other’s opinions and take the time to THINK about certain subjects, the easier it will be for our perceptions to shift.



New Moon in Gemini ~ Exact at 03.59 GMT

This New Moon is a tricky one as it triggers some major astrological mojo in the skies. If you are affected by this New Moon energy, on some level, you’re going to feel divided ~ most likely between responsibility at home and something external that you feel passionately about. This energy causes us to try and do both things at the same time, which means we don’t do either particularly well. If we’re unable to choose one over the other & be happy about that decision, it will trigger negative reactions.

That’s not a bad thing as we’re being shown that we give too much to one area of our lives or the other and that we need to find better balance. A New Moon often brings in refreshing energy, but with so much other energetic activity occurring at the same time, we’re more likely to feel tired. If you find you’re motivated and moving along at great speed, be aware that you’ll need to consciously make space for some downtime. If you’re empathic, that means ALONE time ~ just resting will not be enough.  This energy can cause burn outs and break downs!

This dual aspect could appear in other ways too, such as our moods flipping from positive & motivated to hopeless & depressed, sometimes within hours or days of each other. It is all just energy, so try not to let yourself get too high or go too fast, nor too low and barely moving. Its the extreme flipping from one state to the other that causes stress, so if we can lessen that tipping motion so we’re a little more balanced, it will go a long way to getting us through the month on a positive path.

This Gemini New Moon triggers what is called a Grand Cross. That means four planets square up against each other to have a fight in order to facilitate transformation on some level. The last time a Grand Cross like this occurred was in the summer of 2007. It literally appears in our lives to destroy something, to burn it down to ashes so a phoenix can rise, bringing forth a more fully integrated, connected, able, empowered human being.  It makes us confront & overcome any obstacles in our way so we can move forward with a strong sense of self-confidence and self-esteem.

It’s not pretty, but it is extremely effective. If you have this awareness and something suddenly starts to shift (or for some, they will have had insights or intuitive feelings about what needs to change for some time now), know that you will end up in a much better place. It is no coincidence that this astrology occurs when elections and referendums take media precedence around the World. Something has got to change and the energy we are all experiencing now not only impacts us personally, but the World on a global scale.


Neptune Turns Retrograde ~ 13 June 2016

When Neptune turns retrograde, the boundaries between reality and illusion become very blurry. We can get lost inside our own heads, so it is a good time to slow down and double check that reality is as we think it is before taking any action. It is a time when dreams can become very potent and our intuition can increase, so I recommend using a journal or notebook to write down anything that pops into your head or appears in a dream as it may have some significance in the future. It is an inspirational time if we allow it to be. This energy is trying to carry us higher, to give us a broader perspective than we once thought, so if you find yourself challenged by an in issue, come at it from as many different perspectives as possible. I imagine a pie chart with 12 slices and try to fill at least 6 of those slices with a differing perspective. All of a sudden, our perception broadens and shifts as we suddenly understand how many different ways we can approach our challenges. Try it. It really works. 

All retrograde periods have benefits to them and Neptune is quite a gentle one. The only warning with this retrograde period is to be very aware of your boundaries. They may be tested or challenged and it will be up to you whether you uphold them, loosen them, shift them or completely redefine them. What we cannot allow to happen is for people to constantly cross the line, to tear our boundaries down and ride roughshod over them. If this happens, then the most negative manifestation of Neptune Retrograde will appear and we lose sight between what is real and what is not. 

My advice for June is not to moon bathe crystals unless you truly feel the urge to do so. I am incredibly sensitive to energy and know that my crystals, as an extension and support to my energy system can absorb all sorts of energy as I leave them actively programmed and open to give/receive whatever is necessary ~ with so much being completed and released in 2016, with so much emotion being stoked on personal, political and global levels, I’ve simply kept mine safe inside, giving them a good wash and charge in sunlight every now and again.

Protection and Grounding are key during June. Consciously call in and practice both as they will be essential to keeping a clear head and our energy system open, but safe.

It’s going to be an interesting month for sure, one we may well look back on and think WOW.

With much love and the brightest of blessings

Krissy XXX



    This is an incredible post full of information as a newbie on my Spiritual Path I find your articles informative and uplifting. Thank-You June ,,Devon UK

  2. Beth says:

    Thanks Kristy! I’m a Cancer and the last few months have been emotionally taxing for me. It’s good to have some direction for the upcoming month! Blessings to you!

  3. Kara says:

    Hello and thank you for insight and perspective you share Kristy! Do you have any suggestions for gems/minerals to wear or keep close during June? Or even for duration of this year and Neptune Retro?

    • Hi Kara, apologies for such a late reply! My system updated and stopped alerting me to comments! June has long since passed, but next month I’d recommend Moldavite, Black Tourmaline & Labradorite as we’re moving into double eclipse season again, which is highly transformational energy 🙂 Neptune Retro is more about society and the world as a whole, but does affect us too. It’s a good retrograde however as it makes us come at things from a higher or different perspective ~ it is a spiritual planet, so again, I’d recommend Black Tourmaline alongside whatever crystal you would prefer for emotional support (Morganite is my favourite during times of change) and spiritual development (Moldavite, Shamanic Dreamstone, Aura Quartz, Kammererite & Blue Kyanite are my favourites). Hope that helps, have a lovely day, Krissy

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