June Energy Forecast 2015

June Energy Forecast 2015

All is not as it seems going in to June. The last week of May has been a little foggy. There hasn’t been a lot of clarity or motivational energy available and whether positive or negative, what we are thinking and feeling now is likely to change significantly in a few week’s time.

It’s a restless sort of energy that makes us feel like something is coming……..or shifting……..or changing…….even an exact word to describe it is difficult to grasp.

June is a month to let go of the need to control things. We would serve ourselves best this month by trying to move with the flow of what is happening in our lives, even if we don’t like it or are unsure of where things seem to be going at the time. Trying to remain open and sharing our vulnerability will also help as there are many people in exactly the same boat….just floating on a different river.

Our ability to fall back on to old coping mechanisms, which usually include some form of avoidance, is likely to be heightened this month. Asking for openness and vulnerability is likely to trigger old defence systems for many (me included), but the energy is there for us to step out of old habits and relax into something new…….if we give ourselves the chance.

Its like we’re all floating along in a boat. The sea of energy is huge and knows where it is taking us. Any time we try to take control of the boat and steer it to where we think it should go, we’re likely to meet resistance. Where we think we’re going and where the Universe knows we’re going are two different things . We need to give ourselves the time and space to see how things are going to work out, rather than jumping in and trying to steer the boat.

If you meet resistance, stop rowing. If things flow beautifully, then keep moving with that flow. Let the Universe carry you for awhile. There are much harsher and stronger energies coming in the Autumn, so we may look back on June and feel thankful for the time to reflect, to wait patiently to see through the fog and to give up control for a little while.

The energy this month may even allow us to pull the boat up on a shore line for awhile and take some time to simply relax and replenish our energy reserves. The energy of our day to day living is moving faster and faster…..weeks and months are flying by. I swear it was only February yesterday!!!……….time is moving so quickly. We could always put it all down this month, just enjoy life a little and as the kids say, ‘chill out’ 😉

Our society is so geared up towards ‘doing’, we rarely get the time to experience simply ‘being’. June offers that to many of us should we choose. July is going to be a much faster month on every level….not erratic, just fast…it’ll disappear in a flash, so if you can incorporate some ‘being’ time beforehand, you’ll thank me in August 😉

We are still in Mercury retrograde, so it is better to review, to observe, to witness and to reflect rather than taking any action. The energy will shift in the middle of the month to a more active phase. On 11 June Mercury goes direct again and a  few days afterwards, the energy will start to become clearer, brighter and fabulously motivational! Fantastic for the huge, NEW, Moonlit Pathways Mind, Body & Spirit event being held at the Lincoln Showground on 13 & 14 June. I do so love working during a positive, uplifting energy shift!


The Full Moon is on 2nd June in Sagittarius and is exact at 16.19 GMT. This is a fantastic full moon. It brings in some lovely, fun, enjoyable energy and reignites our ability to see life as an adventure. It is the perfect time to put our crystals out, to set up a crystal grid and to let our tools do the work for us. There is no need for us to do anything other than look at how we relax and have fun….and try to incorporate a little more of that into our lives this month. Sagittarius brings the energy of seeing old things in a new way and 90% of the time, seeing a situation from a different perspective is all we need to shift our energy. So if there is anything you would like to bring new energy into, sparking different ideas, different ways of being, different ways of expressing emotion, different ways of earning a living etc, then this full moon is an excellent time to set an intention, altar, grid or focus.

The beauty of the energy of this time (Full Moon during Mercury retrograde) is that we don’t need to do anything. Set our intention, send our dreams out into the Universe, but no action is required. This is the time to dream, to imagine and to put it all out there. The time for action will come later on. Anything that gives you a tingle of anticipation, excitement or genuine optimism (as in feeling it rather than hoping for it) is the perfect focus and direction to look towards.

The New Moon is on 16 June in Gemini, exact at 14.05 GMT. The New Moon this month is also full of positive energy. It is the time to start things anew and commit to personal goals. If you’ve been struggling to focus, to stick to your goals or to hold your attention on things over the past 4-6 weeks, now is the time when the energy will consolidate into a much stronger, more positive & motivational force.

It is a time to open our minds to new ways of communicating, to socialise purely for pleasure, to bring forth our creative ideas and put them into action. We have had a lovely full moon, followed by a period of Mercury turning direct again (which might be a bit sticky for some, but it will pass)….so all of the haziness, any struggles to stick to our course or to implement new ideas that have been floating around in our head can now become crystal clear enough for us to take action. Again, another fantastic moon for using crystals, setting grids and creating new things.

June is most definitely a month for working with crystals if you use them. Get them out in the sunlight, set them out under the Full and New Moons, play with them, experiment, get to know them. If they’ve simply been sitting to one side, now is the time to see if they’re still working for you or whether the shift in energy this month means you need to pass them on and seek something new to resonate with your higher vibrations. April and May took our energy quite low. There were a lot of natural disasters and the Earth felt this deeply. Now we are being taken upwards again.

Use June to it’s full potential and remember, if you meet resistance, simply back away and let the boat float in another direction for awhile. It’ll take you exactly where you need to go. Trust.

There are no meteor showers this month and the sun seems to have settled down a little bit too, which all points towards energy slowing down, shifting, then becoming brighter as we move through the month.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s forecast and that you have a lovely day.

Love and bright blessings

Krissy XXX


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