July Energy Forecast 2016 ~ A New Day

July Energy Forecast 2016 ~ A New Day

Wow. Just Wow. What an  amazing ride life is this year. So many cycles ending and new ones beginning!

Are you mired in the chaos and drama of recent times or are you learning to detach from it and simply witness the goings on? This year and next are stripping us all back to the bare bones of who we truly are and how we truly feel. The layers are being peeled back so we can see underneath any of the illusions we may have placed on ourselves or others that simply aren’t reality. This is echoing throughout all our lives on some level.

Are those negative thoughts being brought to the surface to be altered? Are communication problems now being approached in a different way? Are suppressed emotions & feelings of victimisation or betrayal being released and allowed to heal? Is Forgiveness something you’d consider or have implemented? Is your identify shifting and changing this year? Are you having to find a new way of doing something as the old way no longer works? If so, you’re moving with current energies in the most positive way ~ even though it may not feel like it at the time!  One of the primary reasons for all of this frenetic energy this year is to help us find some form of faith so that we begin to trust the bigger picture of our lives. This summer is about learning to feel the fear and opening our hearts any way!

I’ve been speaking to people a lot lately about detachment and witnessing. It’s a skill we can all use, particularly if we have experienced any trauma as children. When our emotions become overwhelming, we often revert to our child persona, who wants to cry, scream, run & hide, shout, stamp their feet, play the victim or blow everything out of proportion etc. We have a distinct impression that we are not fully in control of ourselves (if we’re honest) nor are we acting in a very mature manner. This sort of energy only makes matters worse. If we can learn to step back from a situation so that we are watching it simply as an observer without emotional involvement ~ then we can gain a much higher & more realistic perspective of what is actually going on.

Detachment is a powerful skill that can help us immensely in the latter half of 2016 so I’ll be blogging in the next few weeks on how it works and how we only  have to practice it for 10 minutes each day for it to become a skill we can rely on indefinitely for emotional balance & control.


Mars has finally started to move forward again, which is great news as the area of our life in which he has been hanging out has probably felt ‘stuck’ on some level ~ or we have needed to take a break from it. We have been given the time with this retrograde period to learn to think before we speak, to examine our motives & reasons for reacting rather than responding, to look at our deepest desires & see if we’re acting in accordance with what is right for us and to work with our inner demons in order to rid ourselves of them. If you have felt indecisive or delayed in any area of your life, it’s now full steam ahead ~ putting into practice anything you have learned since April.

The beginning of July is going to have an intensity of energy that can highlight our wounds. Although uncomfortable, it brings the opportunity for us to examine our wounds and learn ways of healing those wounds and to look our fears in the face and release ourselves from them. We are going to have to sit & work with this energy until December so there will be no suppressing emotions, no sticking our heads in the sand and no avoiding the process. We have a golden opportunity now to heal or release things that go all the way back to childhood (and even past lives) ~ more importantly, the energy is providing the support and higher awareness we need in order to make our lives happier and our path forward much smoother.

The second weekend in July is likely to be tricky as there is a lot of conflicting energy around ~ it is almost a last chance look at old concepts, people & ways of being that we truly must let go of. Even if you think you’ve healed or resolved an issue in your life, don’t be surprised if it pops up again, just to see how you feel about it now. This is a weekend where Detachment would be helpful ~ the key is to pay attention to anything that comes up and trust the process you are going through.

In the last week of July, Uranus turns retrograde until December. This will impact us all on a personal level and we’ll be able to see the global effects because this rebel energy strives for freedom and independence. Uranus is the planet of revolution ~ or evolution.  It knocks us out of our comfort zone so we achieve those moments of sudden clarity & realisation.  ‘What does freedom mean to you?’ is the question asked of us during Uranus retrograde.

With both Uranus (the rebel) and Chiron (the wounded healer) in retrograde together throughout August, September, October and November, expect to be confronted by or faced with your fears ~ and learn new ways of dealing with them. The key is that we should be in control of our fears, they should not control us. This is also a ‘reality check’ phase, where we can no longer hide from who we truly are. If we have been resisting or avoiding change or looking at ourselves on a deeper level, Uranus might just go ahead and foist change upon us in sudden and unusual ways.

New Moon in Cancer ~ Exact at 12.01pm GMT on 4 July 2016

This New Moon is more gentle than ones we have had of late, but is still emotionally potent & stimulating. A Cancer New Moon offers practical guidance whilst we move toward a higher understanding of our lives.  There are still some fairly antagonistic contacts going on in our skies astrologically, but they bring more common sense and understanding around this New Moon rather than challenge. It is a time of readjustment, so there might be unexpected developments for some.  If you’re shaken or affected by this energy, know that when it subsides, you will gain a much clearer idea of what is actually going on. Try to avoid debate or conflict around this time as it’s likely to stoke a lot of ill feeling & resentment, which serves no one. Try to think outside the box a few days either side of this New Moon. If you’re coming at things from the same old angle, you’ll only achieve the same old result 😉

Full Moon in Capricorn ~ Exact @ 11.57pm GMT on 19th July 2016

This Full Moon can feel quite positive as it focuses on our dreams & ambitions, finances, the routines, structure & order to our lives and our relationship with authority/power. Harness the energy of this Full Moon to manifest & visualise the future. Try to remain grounded however, as the flip side of this energy can have us focusing on control and how we maintain control in our lives ~ great if we have healthy methods of doing so, not so great if they’re unhealthy ~ particularly as this Full Moon can give rise to irrational or impulsive feelings & actions. This is a good time to focus on the balance between work and home, making home the priority.  Our feelings & ideas around security may also come to the fore during this Full Moon, so if you’re feeling a bit out of sorts, stick close to what makes you feel most secure and you’ll move through this energy quite quickly.

In summary, July is bumpy with six planets/asteroids in retrograde, but it will hopefully be less intense than the previous few months. It’s not much of a break, but it is the only lessening of energy likely to occur between now and December, so enjoy it if you can.

Do things that feed the soul, rest the spirit or simply keep you grounded in reality. Keep trying to reach for that higher awareness and alternative perception that is always available to us ~ we only have to come at things from a different angle once to realise how much power such a simple act holds.

Try to be in the present as much as possible this month ~ it is another way to manage our emotions and the effects of our past. Treat each day as a New Day ~ releasing the troubles and issues of yesterday and focusing on what you have right in front of you to work with today. If we spend too much time dwelling on the pain of the past or worrying about the state of our future, our energy slowly bleeds away and we become tired on deep levels. Given what is to come energetically later on in the year, the more we can stay alert, aware and in the present moment, the better we will ride the more challenging energies later on.

Work towards understanding each other: use compassion, use kindness, use humour, use silliness, use fun, use honesty, use vulnerability, open your heart and share yourself. Give what you wish to receive. Treating someone else with love & respect does not mean you have to agree with them ~ it simply means you honour their position as much as you honour your own.

With love and cosmic cuddles




  1. Thanks for the July update Krissy, I think it’s always good to think about what’s approaching in our lives and how we can face it – and what it can teach us. Looking forward to the last week in July!

    • You’re most welcome Edward. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and have a lovely day 🙂 Krissy

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