January Full Moon & A Shift in Energy

January Full Moon & A Shift in Energy


I hope this finds you well and surfing the speedy energies of January with ease ūüėČ

It is a fast month with Mercury in Retrograde, so a lot of movement and time for reviewing our lives, but also foggy thinking and days where we either firing on all cylinders…..or finding it hard to focus and motivate ourselves due to fatigue.

There is a stop-start feel to the whole month until after the Full Moon as many planets are changing astrological signs or moving in some way between 20th-25th all within a day or two of each other, so if we’re susceptible to changing energies, it might feel a little bumpy!

The whole point of these fast moving, shifting and changing energies is to challenge our routines and ways of thinking. 


Full Moon in Leo ~ Wolf Moon ~ 23/24 January 2016

Exact at 1.46am (GMT) on 24th ~ 5.46pm (PST) on 23rd ~ 7.46pm (CST) on 23rd ~ 12.46pm (EST) on 24th

This Full Moon represents balance between who we are as in individual and who we are as part of a group or the bigger picture. A Leo Full Moon asks how we are expressing ourselves and opens us up to play, creativity, romance and pleasure, so is a great time to focus on a creative project (not necessarily artistic ~ creativity takes many forms including becoming a parent, running a business, buying a new home, creating a new cooking recipe, gardening etc). It’s also a lovely time to get away and spend some quality time with¬†a partner. With this particular Mercury Retrograde in the mix, we may be challenged to look at how we’re communicating both in our close personal relationships and to a wider audience, for example, through¬†Facebook or Social Media.

We’re being encouraged to look at different ways of expressing ourselves, to step outside the box and think laterally or intuitively, which ever way isn’t the ‘norm’ for us. A Full Moon always stokes our emotions ~ how do we handle that? Do we quietly express or share our feelings with others? Do we gush and overwhelm other people? Do we suppress our feelings?¬†We all need to speak our truth, but do we do so from a quiet place of ‘being’ or from a head full of negative patterns and possibly anger or justice? Do we become critical and harsh in an effort to defend ourselves and, if so, what are we really defending? Dig deeper and take responsibility for your own words and actions ~ no one ‘makes’ us do anything, we always have a choice, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

There is a lot of ‘critical’ energy around at the moment too, which may make us beat ourselves up if things get a little out of control. Try to become aware of how you’re talking to yourself in your head ~ are you beating yourself up? If so, why? Are you exhibiting any self sabotaging behaviour? If so, that should indicate what state your mind is in, either consciously or subconsciously. We are all human and aren’t meant to live perfect lives, always speak with the perfect diplomacy & elegance nor act in the best ways 24/7. Give yourself and others a break. The energy of this year is pushing us all from many different angles ~ some people’s health is being affected, for others it’s financial worries or the concern of caring for a loved one, some people are dealing with very unhealthy or difficult relationships and the list goes on! None of us knows what it is truly like to walk in anyone else’s shoes ~ nor do we know what goes on behind closed doors.

Reach for compassion where you can. Both for yourself and for other people~ we are all going through a lot of challenges and changes in 2016. Kindness and Forgiveness go a long way to helping us support each other through it.

Mercury begins to move forward again on 25th January so that might be a day to watch out for any last little triggers flaring up regarding communication, our ways of thinking or travel plans ~ in particular, watch out on social media. We then have a window of around 5 weeks before the energy of the March double eclipses really starts to build. I’d recommend getting as much done in February as possible as there is change/transformation afoot in March and a chance that things could happen in unexpected ways.¬†If there are any ways you want your life to change, pour as much energy into making that happen as you can in February and visualise the March eclipses helping to push that change into effect. It’s so empowering to work with an energy rather than be bowled over by it.


A beautiful energy stream coming in around the time of the above Full Moon is likely to drag us out of procrastination or feeling unmotivated and start to connect us with our full potential. This makes us feel more positive and hopeful. As this energy moves in and Mercury moves too, any fogginess, self doubt or uncertainty that some may be feeling should dissolve so we can view things from a wider and clearer perspective. We may see opportunity or something that catches our curiosity or creative imagination, but it is all about looking toward the future. How do you want to fulfil your own, unique, individual potential? How do you stand alone in your own power and how can you contribute to something bigger than yourself?

I would expect the next few weeks to be fast and a little challenging, but if we can keep asking ourselves & loved ones the deep questions now, if we are open and honest (without using truth as a weapon!) and find out what we truly want out of life ~ then¬†an¬†opportunity is there after the Full Moon to hook on to a truly¬†positive energy stream and the knowing¬†that we can create or manifest almost anything in our lives. If you aren’t happy with the current ‘you’, then this will be the time to focus energy on creating the ‘new’ you!

With regard to charging crystals under this Leo Full Moon, go with your intuition/gut feeling. If it feels good, get those crystals out. If you find you’re delayed, don’t manage to get them out in time, forget that it’s the Full Moon or are having an emotional time etc. then¬†don’t worry about it. We all work with energy in different ways and each Full Moon is different ~ it will really affect some people and not touch others at all ~ so go with the flow and trust that you’ll be nudged or guided if your crystals need a moon bath ūüėČ

Keep shining

With love and cosmic cuddles

Krissy XXX

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